Bangkok puns are too obvious

well, it's that time again!
time for me to make silly excuses and/or pretend that the ridiculously long gap between posts never happened!
as the forgettable minor character Klaus of How I Met Your Mother would say about me, as a blogger- "you are maddeningly inconsistent!" 
this is who I am and you love me. 

a long while ago I posted about our brief stay in Dubai. wasn't that fun and pretty?! try and remember!
the next stop on my world tour was Thailand, and Brandon joined me for that too. we spent a week exploring Bangkok and Chiang Mai and even took a day trip to Cambodia. it was a wild ride. a humid, sweaty, confusing, delicious wild ride.
(that sounds like a very descriptive yet unimaginative sex tape title, right?)

Bangkok was bananas. it was hectic and hot and gloriously new. we spent our time looking for things to eat and finding things to look at. there are so many cool things to see in the city but, at the risk of sounding incredibly lame, the standouts were the many ornate and dazzling temples. 
the temples and the humidity. but the temples were better.

as a lead-in to my Thailand posts I thought I share some photos of that sweet Thai architecture. to get you in the mood. to inspire. to give the illusion of organization.


(man, literally everything you say about Bangkok sounds sexual.)

IMG_5997 IMG_5973 IMG_6011 IMG_5946 IMG_6032 IMG_5994 IMG_6014 IMG_6023 IMG_5975 IMG_6054 IMG_6016

more from Thailand, coming soon! ♥