coughing & coffee in Vienna

it feels like ages ago I dragged my beer-soaked, germ-ridden self off the train from Prague and into the elegant streets of Vienna. 

the first two stops on my solo world tour were wonderful, but by their powers combined I was struck down in the prime of lime (not a typo, a very dated pop-culture reference); Reykjavik was far colder than I anticipated, and Prague weakened my immune system with delicious alcohol. 

that's my convoluted way of saying I was miserably sick. 

that's a lot of the reason why I'm behind on my updates; I was guzzling vitamin C and going to bed early while tantalizing anecdotes and wanderlust-inducing photos were patiently waiting to be shared!
but that's the thing about Vienna...
it waits for you. 

oh yeah, I've had that one cookin' for a while. 

even though though I was feeling like garbage physically I still have only the most pleasant memories of the city. it was so calm and leisurely and just a little decadent. if I had to be sick somewhere on this trip, at least Vienna was a decently comfortable place to do it.

without any further ado, here is you photographic introduction to Wien!
reviews and etc. coming soon!

Schloss Belvedere.

a first glimpse Stephansdom Cathedral.

the Holocaust Memorial... the lower statue is a "street cleaning Jew" and represents the hardships Jewish people faced in Vienna even long before WWII.

the Vienna State Opera; I prefer its German title, the Wiener Staatsoper. cause wiener is a funny word.

inside the Staatoper. 
fun fact: the Viennese originally considered this building to be horribly ugly! such delightfully high standards!

Lipizzaner horses in front of the Hofburg Palace.

the view from the North tower of Stephansdom.

inside the cathedral.

Viennese coffee melange at Cafe Korb.

favorite Vienna experience: cafe culture.

can't go to Vienna without seeing some Klimt. 
(and I basically paid 15 euro to see this so I am most definitely posting a picture)

on the terrace of the Albertina. 

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