Prague magic

wow, this trip is flying by.
I'm already at stop number three and I've only got one real post up?! how do people do this? I need to take travel blogging lessons. or time management lessons... or life lessons... where's this popular "school of hard knocks" I keep hearing about? do they have degrees in how to not be a complete disaster?

well, at least I can say that the main reason I've been having trouble finding time to write is that I'm actually doing real-life stuff! I'm not procrastinating like classic Sarah would do. 
I had a quick two-and-a-half days in Prague, and it was glorious. honestly, I enjoyed it far more than Reykjavik (but more on that later).

Prague is so charming and cool. it felt eerily calm, but humming with activity beneath the surface- sometimes literally; in dimly lit bars, after dark, in basement restaurants. it's a like a city out of time, old and new, quiet and buzzing, classic and contemporary. I've been to a few cities, both ultra-modern and old-world, and Prague has a really unique energy, like it's balancing between those two worlds. 

I'm sure part of what gives the city that vibe is the juxtaposition of all the architectural styles- Renaissance, Gothic, Neo-Gothic, Baroque- and it makes for a perfect visual representation. honestly I could do a whole post on just random beautiful buildings in Prague (and I probably will), but to start off here are just a few of my favorite photos of this enchanting place.

(and one or two of me, because it's really hard to photograph yourself while traveling alone so any successes are worth sharing shut up)

IMG_5269 IMG_5164 IMG_5231 IMG_5173 IMG_5262 IMG_5312 IMG_5325

oh, and beer. beer is very important here. it's a whole thing. I should also do a whole post on Czech beer, but I really didn't retain enough information since while learning about said beer I was also sampling the product...

there are some things you will just have to experience for yourself, dear readers. 

IMG_5239 IMG_5359 IMG_5144

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