new things

it's here, folks! the moment you've all been waiting for!
rejoice, be merry, and ease thy bated breath, for the glorious day of my much-anticipated return to the blogosphere has arrived!

that's right. after two whole years, countless undocumented adventures, and much wailing and gnashing of teeth (for you readers, of course), I'm back. for reals, this time.

I needed a blogging break. in a nutshell, I ran out of the time, energy, focus, and motivation to keep up this hobby amidst all the changes that were happening in my life. to quote the lifestyle sage Andy Dwyer, "my whole life is a giant mess, and I love it."

I make this triumphant return at an exciting juncture in this giant mess; I am making big changes and big plans, and I want to write about them! hopefully you will also want to read about them.

the first little change is in my domain name, which may seem insignificant but has proven to be fairly annoying. make note, dear readers- my brilliance is now located at sounds like the Ocean Inn, but fret not, I have not become a cozy Connecticut bed & breakfast.
(second note: apparently there are some technical difficulties where you can only get to my site if you type the whole nine yards, as in management is working to fix this because in this day and age NO ONE should have to type www. every single time.)

the second little change is that I now have Instagram, as all cool kids do. but when I had my blog layout done I wasn't grammin', so I don't have the cute little button over there. -------------------->
you can find me @sklovesak.

but the real reason that maybe somehow, somewhy, you would be interested in me again is that in about an hour I'm headed to the airport I'm currently in the airport aaaaand I will not be returning to the ol' US of A till November!

(I know.)

I'm about to go on a solo round-the-world trip (you may recall that I previously planned this as my thirtieth birthday present to myself, so success!) and Imma try real hard to travel-blog it up. my intention was originally to lead into this travel-blogness with travel-blogness from my last trip to Japan/Korea/China, but as you might have noticed that didn't happen because I'm kind of a flake.

right now I am waiting to board my flight to the first stop on Sarah's World Tour (also the hashtag I believe I will be using- #sarahsworldtour- because it makes me sound like a rock star) which is Reykjavik, Iceland! 

so stay tuned! tomorrow is a whole new adventure. 
well, for me. but you can follow along. 

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brando said... now works, thanks to your lovely web manager. You should buy that guy a beer