Christmastime is here again

you guys, it's almost heeeere!


it's Christmas Eve- Eve, or as we like to call it in Newfie-land, Tibb's Eve! one of the best days of the year, in my humble (yet glaringly obvious) opinion. 

I'm spending it lying on my amazingly soft living room rug (seriously, Ikea, is this made of baby Koala fur?! don't tell me, because I would still love it.), listening to Bing Crosby's Christmas record, and doing nothing except marvel at Christmas lights & how incredibly blessed I am. 

and later Imma have a glass or two of wine, because it wouldn't be Tibb's Eve without a little imbibe, don't ya know. 

dress- American Eagle // shirt- Walmart // boots- Seychelles via Modcloth // gold belt- Smart Set

every year Christmas seems to come a little quicker. 
am I getting old? of course not. silly question. 
but I do tend to notice at the last minute- when all important things get noticed- that my holiday outfit selection is rather slim! but that's ok. I quite like a challenge once in a while. and trying to dress "Christmasy" without snowflake prints or an abundance of red items can kind of be considered a challenge.
one that I met with a plaid-and-lace combo that I've been rockin' all week. and red lipstick. always. 


Merry almost Christmas from a couple of excited, over-grown children!
(that's us.)


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Jen Hsieh said...


Your Christmas decorations are on point (as well as your outfit). I would like to steal your tree and your rug - thanks! :)

Unknown said...

You can't go wrong with plaid, lace, and red lipstick! I'm a big fan of Christmas Eve too. It usually ends up more fun than Christmas day. You look so cute here and I hope you had an amazing holiday!

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