the season to be jolly

with all the franticness of the Christmas season I didn't really get to do all the holiday things I wanted. but Brando and I did take a nice stroll around Central Park! even though there was no snow it still felt like Christmas...especially when we walked down Fifth Avenue later and looked at all the fancy window displays; Bergdorf's certainly knows how to make a gal swoon. 

shirt- Urban Outfitters // skirt- Modcloth // sparkly belt- Smart Set // scarf- American Apparel // coat- Suzy Shier (old!) // boots- Aldo

not only was there no snow, but it really wasn't all that cold either. I had no qualms shedding my coat to snap a few pics of my festive-ish outfit. 
it's not bright red or trimmed in velvet or anything, but I like the subtle wintery feel. over the holidays I tend to gravitate towards jewel tones and demure pieces; peter pan collars, sparkly accessories, airy fabrics mixed with cozy textures. that kind of thing. and even though Christmas day is past I think these little points really brighten a winter wardrobe.
and it also really helps to have the perfect forest green midi...  


Brando and I are very happy with our Brooklyn holidays so far! we've been enjoying our time off, spending lots of time with friends and indulging our vices- if you can't pig out on fried food and whiskey at Christmastime, then when can you?- and relaxing. 

I'm a relaxing pro right now. my bed and I are becoming reacquainted, and my cat now thinks I'm a stay-at-home mom. we're all very copacetic. 
yeah, I busted that one out. 

2014, going out with a bang!

merry & bright

a very merry Christmas to you all! 

it was mine and Brando's first one on our own, but it certainly didn't feel lonely. we spent the entire morning FaceTime-ing with our families and opening the most incredibly thoughtful gifts from loved ones near and far. in the evening our little NYC family joined us for a Newfie Christmas dinner! we felt so loved and so lucky. ♥

 here is a little video I put together of us being weirdos and opening our presents on Christmas morning. because video instead of photos leaves hands free to tear apart wrapping paper like a maniac!

hope your holiday was -and continues to be- merry & bright!

Christmastime is here again

you guys, it's almost heeeere!


it's Christmas Eve- Eve, or as we like to call it in Newfie-land, Tibb's Eve! one of the best days of the year, in my humble (yet glaringly obvious) opinion. 

I'm spending it lying on my amazingly soft living room rug (seriously, Ikea, is this made of baby Koala fur?! don't tell me, because I would still love it.), listening to Bing Crosby's Christmas record, and doing nothing except marvel at Christmas lights & how incredibly blessed I am. 

and later Imma have a glass or two of wine, because it wouldn't be Tibb's Eve without a little imbibe, don't ya know. 

dress- American Eagle // shirt- Walmart // boots- Seychelles via Modcloth // gold belt- Smart Set

every year Christmas seems to come a little quicker. 
am I getting old? of course not. silly question. 
but I do tend to notice at the last minute- when all important things get noticed- that my holiday outfit selection is rather slim! but that's ok. I quite like a challenge once in a while. and trying to dress "Christmasy" without snowflake prints or an abundance of red items can kind of be considered a challenge.
one that I met with a plaid-and-lace combo that I've been rockin' all week. and red lipstick. always. 


Merry almost Christmas from a couple of excited, over-grown children!
(that's us.)

the hap-happiest season of all

it's that time of year again!
the most wonderful time, obviously, but also probably the busiest time. I believe the term "hustle and bustle" has been thrown about.

I've been giving myself a break on the whole "MUST BLOG SO MUCH" attitude based on the fact that time is basically a vacuum in December and I've been too tired to function. when I'm not passing out on my amazing new Ikea rug (surrounded by tangled ribbon and rolls of wrapping paper), I'm off trying to soak up all the Christmasy goodness the Big Apple has to offer.

Christmasy goodness exhibit A: the Rockefeller Christmas tree.


isn't it the most beautifulest thing you ever sawed?!
I keep expecting Kevin's mom to show up and hug me. why she would hug me, when I am not Kevin, I'm not sure, but the holiday brain works in mysterious ways.

I can't believe we are in the single digits! only nine days to Christmas, b'ys. it's gettin' hella merry and bright up in here.

little bit of this, little bit of that

you guys, it's December!
December. the happiest month of them all!

although you'd never guess it was "let it snow" season with the mild weather here. and no, I'm not complaining. it's just weird to go outside in December wearing only a light sweater.

well...and bottoms, of course. and shoes and stuff. I'm not a total nutbag.

skirt- Zara // top- H&M // jacket- Modcloth // scarf- American Apparel // sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

I call this outfit "season confusion" because it looks like springtime and feels like fall. 
this scarf is majorly cozy. 
this may be the last of my flowery pastels for a while, because now it's time to dress for Christmas! so winter, even if it isn't. quite. yet. is it winter? I know technically winter is on Dec. 21st, but come on. December should be winter.
are you guys ready for this?  


hey, who's that totally cool chick with the heart-shaped glasses?
oh, I dunno. just someone. 

23 short days till Christmas! can you believe it? I've already got most of my shopping and gift-wrapping done; that's what happens when you have to mail everything to a different country. but I feel like that just spreads out the holiday cheer a little longer! this Christmas might be the chillest one yet. 

tomorrow, though, will probably be crazy. we're going to check out the tree lighting at Rockefeller Centre. crowds much? 
my goal is to get out of there without punching a child in the face. 
those little buggers hog all the Christmasy goodness. 
it's not my fault I'm 27. time is a cruel mistress.