the most wonderful time of the year


I'm so excited I can't stand it.
this will be my first Christmas away from Newfoundland, ever. I know it's going to be hard being away from my friends and family- especially for the morning of- but I'm kind of looking forward to our very first Christmas in New York! there are so many things I want to do; see the Rockefeller tree lighting, go skating in Central Park, maybe even see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! it's gonna be a merry New York Christmas.

I thought one month before the big day was good timing to post my Christmas list. it's a little late this year, and most people already have my present by now... but it's always fun to make a wish list! besides, I also have an expertly-curated Modcloth Christmas list, and they're having a ginormous sale starting tomorrow. so if you aren't getting me anything, you can at least score some sweet holiday swag for yourself.

1. a funny, comfy t-shirt. this one cracks me up. ♥ //Modcloth.
2. Urban Decay Vice Palette 3. it's got a whole column of reds! so cool. //Sephora.
3. purple velvet. now that winter's arrived I'm craving a wardrobe made entirely of velvet. purple is just so luxurious. //Modcloth.
4. a cropped blazer. if I can't have a cropped white tuxedo blazer, a plain white one will do. //Modcloth.
5. cookbooks. there are a couple that seem perfect for me (I also like One Pan, Two Plates) but the sriracha is at the top of my list. //Amazon. 
6. a party skirt. nothing brightens up the holiday season like teal sequins! //H&M.
7. a red sweater. this one incorporates two wardrobe faves; red and lace. //H&M.
8. a vintage dress. like this one, or the many others on my Etsy wish list. //Hollie Point.
9. black lace-up boots. comfy & cute! and the perfect winter staple. //Modcloth.
10. Broadway tickets. I would love to see anything! Cabaret with Emma Stone is probably my most pined-for at the moment. but there is plethora of shows I am aching to see. a plethora, I tell you!

I said "Christmas" so much in this post. :)

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Unknown said...

Yeah I'd be pretty happy with anything on this list too! That sequined skirt is awesome and I could definitely use a sriracha cookbook! Also the Vice 3 palette is amazing. I've been loving it!

Jamie |