thank you for being a friend!

happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

hope you are having a wonderful day spent with the ones you are most grateful for. ♥

I will be spending it with the most incredible family that has graciously taken us in and consented to teach us silly Canadians the ways of their country. 
that country being Peru, of course. 
I'm thankful for empanadas. 

dress- gift // shirt- Urban Outfitters // boots- fr. a Calgary cowboy shop, of course // bag- Aldo

other things I'm thankful for on this happy holiday: teal cowboy boots, peter pan collars, and the fact that my bangs do not always look this disheveled. 

...again, happy turkey day! 

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ModernVintageStyle said...

Love this dress on you. It's a great match with the cowboy boots - and who'd have thought it would go so brilliantly over that shirt! It sounds like you had an interesting Thanksgiving! Kx