Mr. Goulding goes to Washington

a couple of weeks ago we went on a little trip for Brandon's birthday weekend. Brando can never really decide what he wants to do for his birthday celebrations; he's a fairly stoic fellow and doesn't go wild for the party life or anything like that. (he doesn't even like cake. I KNOW.) so instead we planned a little vacation to see his/our current favourite comedian in Washington, DC. 

it's not that far from NYC, and we were both itching to do a little exploring, so we rented a car a drove down for the show. Mike Birbiglia was amazing; if you haven't seen My Girlfriend's Boyfriend then you really need to, right now. do it now. the show was so much fun, and we even got an autograph and acted like huge dorks. and obviously because it wasn't a two-day event, we had time to do a little sightseeing. 

I'm not usually one to stand in awe of statues or sculptures, but not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to say hello to Mr. Lincoln.


this is our only picture together the entire weekend! (well, except for instagram selfies. which of course don't count.)

one of the (many) pleasant things about taking a little trip is that it gives me an excuse to stretch my photography muscles. I mean, I'm no superstar, skill-wise, and my equipment is standard fair, but it's nice to have new subjects and inspiration. aka I'm sick of taking pictures of myself. 
I loved all the monuments and attractions and the gorgeous weather. DC has so many things to photograph!


on day two of our visit- Brando's legit birthday- we had the arduous task of choosing only one Smithsonian museum to visit. the birthday boy chose the National Air & Space museum, and we are so very glad he did. (that's the royal we, fyi.)

it was amazeballs. I saw a real spacesuit that was worn on the moon- complete with moon dust-, the Wright Brothers' first plane, and the plane Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in. we're giant geeks and were completely mesmerized. (that's not the royal we, that's the two-people we.)

(click for more photos!)

before hitting the road home we stopped by the Washington monument for one more photo op. it's surprisingly versatile for being essentially a large phallus.

it was a short stay in the capital, and there's still plenty we want to see; the Capitol building, for one. and Arlington Cemetery, and the other Smithsonian museums. they're free! but all in all it was a great weekend getaway. I'm sure we'll find an excuse to go back soon. 
'twas a happy Brando-day indeed!


Kaitlin said...

Great pictures! I love!! the flag picture. You're so excellent at being transplants. :-)

Unknown said...

Looks like it was a great visit! And you guys look super adorable in that one non-iPhone pic. xo