rain don't change the sun

sometimes just choosing to be happy is the easiest way to get there. 

I've been feeling sort of blue lately and I can't put my finger on why. that's just life, I guess. but mind over matter, as they say. 
it also really helps if you see an awesome movie, find new music that makes your heart swell, and get a sweet deal on a pretty new dress! 

dress- via Pema // cardigan- Walmart // belt- random closing-day sale in Brooklyn // oxford heels- Seychelles (old)

the dress? from this store I found in Williamsburg that I think I'm in love with. they have a million pairs of Chelsea Crew boots.

the awesome movie? St. Vincent, with Bill effin' Murray. it's so good, you guys. it's heartfelt and hilarious and really, really fun. Brando almost cried, so it's obviously an emotional masterpiece. 

new music? well, that played a big part in uplifting my mood. obviously the fates have conspired to brighten my spirits. 
thank you, fates. thank you, Delta Rae. and of course thank you, Bill Murray.

I found a good woman, I found a job that pays
the tide comes in, I watch it all wash away
but I'm keeping it steady, that's just how I was raised
head held up, walking tall into each breaking wave

'cause the devil's in the details and he's taking his toll
sending good men down the foot trails of some lost lonely souls

and I say oh, oh
rain don’t change the sun
jealous is the night when the morning comes
but it always comes

so I'm working the graveyard, I don’t sleep till it's light
ain't calling in favors, I can't swallow my pride
and the bank's on a mission, they want to read me my rights
but they ever show up around here they're going to be in for a fight

'cause the devil's in my hometown and I ain't telling him no
'cause it’s my family, it's my love now, that I'm scared to let go

and I say oh, oh
rain don’t change the sun
jealous is the night when the morning comes
but it always comes

followed the track of my needle
tried to be good to my people
so why's there no peace?
no break, no relief

can I be blamed if I'm angry?
can I be saved if I'm barely clinging to hope?
I'm clinging to hope

it always rains down on us
and like an old dog lying by a new gravestone
it's still our home
it's still our home

so if you ever feel like you are alone
after the night, the morning comes

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