just how you looked in the light

I've talked about before how I love the whole fanciful, ultra-feminine look. cutesy, Alice-in-Wonderland stuff that so many bloggers pull off with boatloads of delicacy & whimsy. well, this dress feels like the grown-up version of that; what Alice would wear to a tea party if she were my age. cause you know, adults are all about having tea parties. 


I kept the whimsical element with my jewellery- nothing says "magical fantasy world" like pretty little keys! the tiny blue one is my first (and currently only) purchase from Tiffany & Co. on my first visit to NYC. glorious nostalgia! 

I'm not sure Alice would accessorize a tea party ensemble with metallic ankle boots and an oversized purse. but we're in the real world, not wonderland, gurrrrl. although she may have conceded to bringing the bag once she realized it can discretely hold two whole bottles of wine. and grown-up tea parties always include wine. 
(this is the point where I would add a "thumbs up" emoticon if I knew how to make those on blogger...)

dress- vintage // necklaces- gift, Tiffany & Co., Twisted Sisters // boots- thrifted // bag- Aldo (old!)

this is my last post with this long hair! if you follow me on Twitter or, my new obsession, Instagram (which you should. follow me, I mean) you know that on monday I finally bit the bullet and got a haircut. I'm so ridiculously indecisive that I end up going way too long without one, or without trying something new. what's the big deal, it all grows back!

so stayed tuned for that excitement...
I'm sure you're dying from anticipation. don't lie. 

hope you are all having a beauteous week thus far. 

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melanie said...

Totally creeped your Instagram to see your new hair. LOVE it. You look fantastic! Long live the bang/fringe!!!