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time for the obligatory fall goodness blog post.
this past weekend Brando, a couple friends, and I voyaged to the mysterious land they call New Jersey, to a little farm that offered pumpkin-picking and other stereotypical fall festivities. we found pumpkins to carve, ate apple cider donuts, and of course took many obligatory "I'm so into autumn!" pictures.

I've been feeling sick all week, but I've had the memories of the weekend to brighten my spirits.
I know that's really cheesy, but as the month draws to a close it's nice to know I did at least one memorable, autumnal thing!


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all bloggers are powerless to resist a pumpkin patch photo shoot. well, technically this isn't a real pumpkin patch, it's more of a large lot full of freshly picked pumpkins. but the novelty and the aesthetics are the same.

it's too bad that October seems to be the drop off point for enjoying the autumn season. leaves have mostly done with their colours and starting to fall, apples have all been picked, and apparently the corn mazes have been taken down. maybe it's different living in America, since Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but sometimes I feel like once October is over, all the autumn-y stuff goes away. 

Halloween is closing in, and I've never been a fan- too much pressure to have an amazing costume/amazing time/also it's expensive!- but pretty farms, homemade pies, and wholesome friendly fun? that's the stuff of autumn that I am totally on board with. 

dress- Urban Outfitters // hat- Monsoon // bag- H&M (old) // boots- American Eagle

I thought an afternoon of fall festivities was the perfect opportunity to debut this prairie-girl plaid dress. I feel like, paired with completely different accessories, it could be a period costume. (anyone wanna be Laura Ingalls for Halloween?) it's got those tiny buttons, lace trim, and a corset-style lace-up back. but it works pretty well in this century too. all day I felt kind of like I walked off the set of Hocus Pocus, and really that's all anyone can ask for the week before Halloween. 


I still haven't carved our pumpkin or gotten my Halloween costume due to this insufferable cold. hopefully I can get it all done under the wire. I think I'll do a silly-faced jack-o-lantern! as for my costume... you'll just have to wait and see if it works out, like the rest of us. 

happy Halloweek!

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