and it's the weekend!

it's been a pretty slow week here in Sarahland. in fact, maybe the most significant thing I've done is decide that I should never use the term "Sarahland."
so not a lot to report. 

but it's the weekend! already. again... gosh, didn't I just rant about this? 
check out this week's Friday Favourites while I ponder the possibilities of time travel.

1. sometimes you need a shirt to tell everyone how you really feel about life... //Thug Life.

2. fall is here, and some bloggers are already kicking as at dressing for it. in love with this whole thing. //Keiko Lynn.

3. speaking of dressing for fall... Free People's autumn catalog makes me drool. yes, it came out a month ago, but I've only just discovered it because I try to stay away from stunningly beautiful things that would bankrupt me. //Free People.

4. my guilt about plastic shopping bags is growing on pace with the massive pile of them under my kitchen sink. I really need several of these. //Emily McDowell. 

5. know who has canvas shopping bags? adults. know what else adults do? they colour. or at least they should. this grown-up activity book looks like a barrel of laughs! //Amazon.

6. I've said it before, and I'm saying it again; I'm gonna change my hair, guys! I'M GONNA DO IT. //pics via Pinterest.

7. at a recent Sephora excursion I discovered two things; one, Kat Von D. lipstick is amazing. and two, I kind of want black lipstick. bonus: it's called "slayer!" (that's a bonus because my current netflix addiction is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) //Sephora.

8. guys, this picture is awesome. and perhaps ripe with social commentary? I'm not sure. but it's cute as hell. //via Distractify.

9. it's not really cold yet, but it's never too early to start wanting a new coat! this one feels like what Marie Antoinette would wear in a New York winter. so its good enough for me! //Hell Bunny. 

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