all a-flutter

today was surprisingly warm here in Brooklyn. Brandon says it figures, since it's the day after he put away the air conditioner. but it was nice to walk around downtown without a jacket! although it was a little strange walking by other people in wool coats and giving me puzzled looks. one woman audibly muttered at me that I was "crazy." but hey, she was the one muttering to strangers! I'm just letting the arms breathe a little longer before confining them to itchy sleeves for the winter months.

dress- H&M // tights- HUE // bag- vintage // shoes- Aldo // suede belt- American Apparel

it's hard to put on this dress, with its gauzy handkerchief hem and lilac hue, and not feel like a fairy. it just makes me want to skip through a wheat field or sit under a willow tree singing irish folk songs. I inadvertently stuck with the dainty fairy theme in my accessories; the delicate glass vial of dried baby's breath and the sheer floral tights. all I need is a new flower crown and some glitter and I'm basically Tinkerbell.

there are worse fashion icons. ;) 


Unknown said...

THis is beautiful! That color looks exquisite on you.

xoxo, Lindsey Dish

J said...

Love the dress, it's such a pretty color! I think I'd feel like a fairy too if I wore it :)