autumn musings

time for the obligatory fall goodness blog post.
this past weekend Brando, a couple friends, and I voyaged to the mysterious land they call New Jersey, to a little farm that offered pumpkin-picking and other stereotypical fall festivities. we found pumpkins to carve, ate apple cider donuts, and of course took many obligatory "I'm so into autumn!" pictures.

I've been feeling sick all week, but I've had the memories of the weekend to brighten my spirits.
I know that's really cheesy, but as the month draws to a close it's nice to know I did at least one memorable, autumnal thing!


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keep your cool

holla bloggerinos, it's the weekend! time for doing laundry and eating cheeseburgers and watching The Walking Dead. it's a strange and magical time of the week. I hope you are all enjoying it.

t-shirt- gift // jacket + shorts- Modcloth // boots + bag(gift)- Aldo // sunnies- Urban Outfitters

don't lie, you know this shirt is amazing and you wish you had one yourself. 
I could add several things to this accurate list... like bread. pizza. burritos. beef jerky. depending on my mood, just about anything could make this list. #truth.

this is my interpretation of "casual cool." I always find myself longing to be the type of effortless chic that looks killer in slouchy tops or boyfriend jeans. unfortunately I seem to wind up more frumpy than fab, hence the tendency to stick with full skirts and waist-cinching dresses. but here I am, wearing a t-shirt and shorts and feeling pretty darn good about it! all cool 'n stuff, right down to the heart-shaped shades. 


...what a masterful piece of writing this post was. 
oh well. whatever keeps you coming back. (if you even are coming back..)
stay cool, kittens. happy weekend. xo

rain don't change the sun

sometimes just choosing to be happy is the easiest way to get there. 

I've been feeling sort of blue lately and I can't put my finger on why. that's just life, I guess. but mind over matter, as they say. 
it also really helps if you see an awesome movie, find new music that makes your heart swell, and get a sweet deal on a pretty new dress! 

dress- via Pema // cardigan- Walmart // belt- random closing-day sale in Brooklyn // oxford heels- Seychelles (old)

the dress? from this store I found in Williamsburg that I think I'm in love with. they have a million pairs of Chelsea Crew boots.

the awesome movie? St. Vincent, with Bill effin' Murray. it's so good, you guys. it's heartfelt and hilarious and really, really fun. Brando almost cried, so it's obviously an emotional masterpiece. 

new music? well, that played a big part in uplifting my mood. obviously the fates have conspired to brighten my spirits. 
thank you, fates. thank you, Delta Rae. and of course thank you, Bill Murray.

I found a good woman, I found a job that pays
the tide comes in, I watch it all wash away
but I'm keeping it steady, that's just how I was raised
head held up, walking tall into each breaking wave

'cause the devil's in the details and he's taking his toll
sending good men down the foot trails of some lost lonely souls

and I say oh, oh
rain don’t change the sun
jealous is the night when the morning comes
but it always comes

so I'm working the graveyard, I don’t sleep till it's light
ain't calling in favors, I can't swallow my pride
and the bank's on a mission, they want to read me my rights
but they ever show up around here they're going to be in for a fight

'cause the devil's in my hometown and I ain't telling him no
'cause it’s my family, it's my love now, that I'm scared to let go

and I say oh, oh
rain don’t change the sun
jealous is the night when the morning comes
but it always comes

followed the track of my needle
tried to be good to my people
so why's there no peace?
no break, no relief

can I be blamed if I'm angry?
can I be saved if I'm barely clinging to hope?
I'm clinging to hope

it always rains down on us
and like an old dog lying by a new gravestone
it's still our home
it's still our home

so if you ever feel like you are alone
after the night, the morning comes

the great indoors

I'm trying to get out of my October rut this week. I'm going to get out and do things! I'm attending trivia nights, going to work parties, planning a pumpkin patch trip. I don't want another beautiful month to have gone by with no stories to tell. the only obstacle is trying to overcome the urge to just stay home and nap and cuddle my cat and watch old sitcoms... 

it's so tempting.

but if I leave my house, there's usually coffee or beer as a reward. so there's that. it's a close race.

Breathtaking Tiger Lillies skirt in Stem Green
skirt- Modcloth // shirt- // belt- American Apparel // ankle boots- Aldo (old)

I have a feeling I'll be making good use of this skirt for the next few months. it's such a lovely shape and colour. the shade of green is perfect for fall and winter outfits- I've already got a holiday one planned around it- and it looks so crisp and vibrant paired with jewel tones like this purple shirt. 
and it has pockets!

now I just need a little petticoat to wear underneath to give it a little oomph and keep it from sticking to my tights. petticoats for all!


well, I'm off to venture out of my apartment. I've promised myself a maple latte if I go out and do something, and that's as far as I've gotten. it's going to be amazing.
so long, rut!
to the outside world!

true colours

today's post features a couple of my favourite things; fall foliage and a vintage dress. Brandon and I had no plans on Sunday so we made the trek down to Prospect Park to see if the leaves had changed. I haven't made it to the park in a while, and it was nice to get out amongst the flora and fauna (aka squirrels) and take in the scenery. it still doesn't feel cold here to me, so it was a perfect time to look for changing leaves and autumn colours. 

dress- vintage // belt- Mango // boots- Seychelles via Modcloth // bag- Aldo (old!)

I don't have a lot else to say at the moment! life has been pretty calm and uneventful in October. I love fall but it always seems to go by too fast; soon the leaves will all be gone and I'll be hiding outfits under wool coats like the rest of Brooklyn already is. and Halloween is coming up! does it make me sound old and lame to say that Halloween has become more of a hassle than an excitement?


who knows, maybe that's what fall is for; sleepy afternoon strolls through the park, maple lattes (yes please), and naps under cozy blankets after all of that. is autumn the lazy season? or am I just lazy?

these are the questions that occupy my philosophical mind, you see. 
it's what happens when you watch too much Frasier in a row.


happy autumn, everyone! I wish you many colourful leaves and fall-flavoured lattes. 

you've lost that loving feeling

I'm sure every self-proclaimed clotheshorse has those moments where she looks into her closet and thinks she has nothing to wear. well, I had several such moments this week- admittedly due in part to bad moods and general icky-ness- when I wondered how I ended up with so many completely useless and unwearable things. of course those moments were just in passing crankiness or frustration, but it is about the point in the season when I start wanting a little shift in my wardrobe; from sundresses to sweater dresses, from ballerinas to booties, from daisy yellow to mustard yellow. sometimes I spend so much time trying to transition last season's pieces that I forget to enjoy those meant for the new season!

in the spirit of inspiration and, well...greed, I've taken it upon myself to make a little Fall/Winter wardrobe wish list!
well, it's more like a rather large wish list than a little one, but variety is the spice of life, after all. 
what do you feel is lacking in your sartorial life this autumn?

1, 3, 4, 8, 14, & 17. anything plaid! dresses, shirts, skirts, whatever. plaid in deep, rich colours makes the perfect fall and winter wardrobe. //in order: Well I'll Be Darling dress, Patterned Cotton shirtLuck Be a Lady dress in green plaid, Day Trip Delight dress in Sunset, Secret Lake vintage dressPlaid Flannel shirt.
2 & 12. a snappy blazer. I love this gorgeous burgundy velvet, and I'm dying for a white cropped jacket with black trim; I can't find one anywhere! this one is all sold out. //Fine & Sandy Blazer, Target.
5 & 9. a boho cardigan. something cozy and flowy in a fun, rustic pattern. they look so adorable worn with long dresses and floppy hats! //From Top to Autumn Sweater, Essence of Sedona Cardigan.
6 & 13. a yellow dress. I've come to notice lately that my closet is lacking in happy mustard hues, and it's such a lovely colour for autumn. I've had my eye on this beautiful Emily & Fin polka dot number forever. //Too Much Fun dress in Honey Creme, Confident About Your Charm dress. 
7 & 15. neutral-yet-pretty skirts. a tulle skirt is fun and playful, but in navy it's not too kitschy. and this cocoa-powder midi skirt is a great basic. //Custom by Misdress, Crinkled Midi skirt.
10, 16, & 18. lace-up boots. in versatile black, heeled emerald green, and knee-high cognac. the perfect cool weather footwear! //Into the Night boot, Follow the Cedar boot, Step it Upright bootie.
11. a pretty floral blouse. just for good measure. :) //H&M cotton shirt.

all a-flutter

today was surprisingly warm here in Brooklyn. Brandon says it figures, since it's the day after he put away the air conditioner. but it was nice to walk around downtown without a jacket! although it was a little strange walking by other people in wool coats and giving me puzzled looks. one woman audibly muttered at me that I was "crazy." but hey, she was the one muttering to strangers! I'm just letting the arms breathe a little longer before confining them to itchy sleeves for the winter months.

dress- H&M // tights- HUE // bag- vintage // shoes- Aldo // suede belt- American Apparel

it's hard to put on this dress, with its gauzy handkerchief hem and lilac hue, and not feel like a fairy. it just makes me want to skip through a wheat field or sit under a willow tree singing irish folk songs. I inadvertently stuck with the dainty fairy theme in my accessories; the delicate glass vial of dried baby's breath and the sheer floral tights. all I need is a new flower crown and some glitter and I'm basically Tinkerbell.

there are worse fashion icons. ;) 

give thanks

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, all!

Brando and I celebrated yesterday with new & lovely New York friends, and we of course taught them the ways of the real Thanksgiving. 

if you're wondering about the differences between the Canadian and the American holidays, there aren't many. "feasts of thanks" have been documented in Canada since around 1578, so I like to say it predates American Thanksgiving... but really it wasn't a consistent holiday till 1879. also the Americans brought the turkeys and pumpkins, and that's pretty important. 
blah blah blah, if you want to know more, check out the Wikipedia article.

we all just had a traditional Newfie-style turkey dinner, and that was hella good. we were all super thankful.

EDIT: an American friend also shared this with me, which is a less boring description of the Canadian version.

dress- J.Crew // gold belt- Smart Set // flower crown- H&M // boots- Seychelles via Modcloth

on this day of thanks, I want to express my gratitude for; favourite dresses, new boots, and outfits that make you feel happy in your own skin! 
that's this one.

I got this dress last summer at a J. Crew mega-sale (how else could I afford J. Crew?) and it's been a favourite of mine ever since. it's funny that it hasn't shown up on the blog till now! I love how it fits, that it's neutral but still interesting, and the sturdy fabric. it's kind of my go-to when I'm feeling self-conscious or icky. 
and these boots! day-ummm, I love these boots! if you ever look at my wish lists you know that I've been drooling over these for months. now that it's autumn and I can justify a new pair of boots, I took advantage of the recent Modcloth 20% off sale and went for it. I am so happy I did; they are super gorgeous, the perfect colour, and comfortable. definitely on pace to rise in the ranks with this dress. 

so yes, I'm thankful for these things... but in all seriousness, it's hard for me to try and list all the things I have to be grateful for. these past couple years have been anything but easy for me and the hubby, but I have so many blessings that outweigh all the troubles. of course I'm thankful for a loving, supportive family, the best friends in the entire space-time continuum (the highest friendship ranking), and a husband that snuggles me and makes me coffee everyday. I'm  also thankful that I get the chance to live in this amazing city. and for my kitty cat, and for netflix, and for Joss Whedon, and for pizza. and musicals and the Chilli Peppers and red wine and bold bbq doritos... too many things. I'm so glad to live a life full of these wonderful, happy-making things. 

so happy Thanksgiving, again! I wish you all many happy-making things. ♥