what's new, pussycat?

well, hello, September! 

it hasn't really sunk in that summer is technically supposed to be over; for one, it's been hot as balls. also I've been too busy to notice! Labor Day weekend was marked with visits from far-away friends and plenty of cocktails, and this past week was a blur of meetings and meet-ups and exhausted evenings spent falling asleep in front of a netflix screen. still feels like summer to me!

to top off this crazy week, Brandon and I joined a friend in Jersey City for a house party. if there's one thing I know about parties, it's that you should always wear an item of cat-themed clothing.


crop top- American Apparel // skirt- thrifted // bag- fr. a flea market in Berlin // shoes- Modcloth (on sale now!)

see these shoes? these are the best shoes ever. 
here's to new shoes, a new season, and a new crazy week. 
cat crop tops for everyone!

(I feel like the writing in this post- and I use that term loosely- properly demonstrates how tired I am/have been. relihbnoFDCEJKRNDS888 --see that was me falling asleep while typing.)


ModernVintageStyle said...

I don't know about the shoes, but, oh my, the skirt. The colour, shape, fit - everything! Lovely outfit all round! Kx

Unknown said...

This outfit is so wonderful and you look amazing! The shape of this skirt is very cool and I love the unique cat print. Also bow shoes are awesome.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com