seasons change

hate to be that typical blogger girl, but man, do I love autumn! summer's great and all, but I'm a cold-weather girl at heart; I'd much rather shiver for a few minutes a day and pile on warm layers than spend weeks covered in sweat and wishing I could pull of a shaved head as well as Natalie Portman. bottom line is, I can dress for cold weather- I can't really undress for the heat.

it's still not into "cold" here yet (at least not by my Canadian standards) but there's a definite coolness in the air that I find comfortable. seasonal colour palettes, warm coffees, and all things pumpkin; bring on the fall, I says!

flower crown- H&M // shirt- Modcloth // skirt- Urban Outfitters // boots- New Look

it's about time I got a new flower crown. it was bound to happen eventually. I was looking for one with the right colours to pair with and spice up my plain skirts, and this one is pretty much perfect. and with the rich colours, its ideal for transitioning from summer to autumn. which is happening now! floral crowns for all!

they should add that to the constitution. 
see, I have great ideas. stick with me, kids. 

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