grey skies are gonna clear up

I love a good rainy day once in a while. the temperature is nice, everything is quieter, and I get to use a prop in my photo shoots. 

it seems I'm sticking with the 70s theme this week. and lucky for me, there's a classic VW camper van parked in front of our building; the perfect backdrop to a boho-traveller type outfit. 

dress- vintage // boots- Sam Edelman via Modcloth // belt- American Apparel // earrings- St. John's gift shop, somewhere on Water St.

after seeing these pictures I changed into a wider belt, which made the waist more defined and the whole dress a little less "billowy sack." but, billowy sack or no, I love this dress; it's comfortable and makes me feel like I'm in a touring folk-rock band. which again, fits with the 70s theme. 

now if you'll excuse me, I clearly have to take up learning the banjo...

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J said...

Very pretty! The VW van in the background is awesome! :D