who wears short shorts

is that title too obvious? perhaps. 

on thursday Brandon and I finally made it to a summer screen movie in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I don't know what took us so long, because it was delightful! we spent the afternoon walking around Brooklyn Heights beforehand. I had definitely the most incredible bagel I've ever had from Montague Street Bagels (get the cranberry apple chicken salad and die happy) and we admired the pretty tree-lined streets of the neighbourhood. 

and on our way there we watched a guy throw up on himself on the subway, so I guess it was an exciting day for everyone.

hat + shorts- Modcloth // shirt- Williamsburg boutique (?) // bag- Steve Madden (gift) // shoes- Walmart

this outfit felt a little vaudevillian, hence the cheeky pose! 
I've been hesitant this past year to embrace the cuteness of shorts, especially in the summer when tights aren't an option to smooth out my thighs and hide other imperfections... but these were on sale and I thought, screw it- shorts are cute, and I wanna wear cute things. to hell with insecurity! live while you're young!
...oh my god, did I just kind of quote One Direction?
let's ignore that and focus on my personal triumph of wearing shorts in public. 


Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the places where it really hits me that I live in New York City. there's always something cool going on- like outdoor movies, or free kayaking in the East River- and the views of lower Manhattan are spectacular. it gets me every time. 

the movie screening on this particular thursday evening was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which I'm kind of embarrassed to say neither of us had seen before. but that made it even more enjoyable! Paul Newman was such a fox. and he looks pretty darn good next to the big city lights, don't you think?


Unknown said...

You look cute in that outfit. :)

And that backdrop to the movie? So dreamy. I'm dying. Can I come back now?


Cait said...

You're crazy to try and stay away from shorts! You look amazeballs in these pictures! The shorts fit you perfectly and it's just an adorable outfit!