when life gives you lemons

it's difficult for me to wear a dress with lemons on it and not mention how much I effin' love Tina Fey. 
(for those of you whose lives are still empty and meaningless and don't get the connection, Liz Lemon= Tina Fey's alter ego. dear god, I hope in this day and age that addendum was unnecessary.)

sometimes I quote Liz Lemon as many as five times in one day, just because that's how much she speaks to my soul. her poignance and humour pervade my daily life and give it meaning. Tina Fey is a magical laughter goddess and I worship her.

I don't even mind that she was used as a ruse to swindle me into a sub-par times square comedy show after I had indulged in several strong margaritas. because if, somehow, she really had been there and I had turned it down, I would have never recovered. 

...so yeah, my dress has lemons on it!
dress- Modcloth // necklace- fr. Malawi trip // shoes- New Look

this dress was one of those purchases made solely out of preparation for hot weather and comfort. I just wanted something simple, summery, and light (in both design & cost). I got it a while back and it's my go-to lazy day dress. I even like the peekaboo back, despite that meaning I have to wear a decent bra with it...
it's not my favourite dress, and I don't think it's really a stunner, but it perfectly fills a void in my wardrobe. and well, we all know I'm kind of a sucker for a novelty print. lemons are the most aesthetically pleasing fruit, I think.


okay, so now I can get back to watching 30 Rock until I pass out, right?
my life is full and vivacious! 
Lemon, out.


Kelly Del Valle said...

By the time I found out my husband did not like Tina Fey, it was too late. We were married.

Our wedding bliss is now dependant on the success of my mission to get him to laugh at a 30 rock episode.

And I do love the lemon dress!

Unknown said...

I'd say divorce him. Our mutual love for Tina Fey is pretty much what keeps me and Sarah together.