the second time around

lately I've been doing some wardrobe double-dipping. I'll wear the exact same thing two or three times a week in an attempt to make the most out of outfits or combinations I really like. of course you don't see that on here because usually outfit photos are forgotten or postponed... often that's why I'll double up! if you find something you like, stick with it, right?  

skirt- thrifted via Beacon's Closet // tank top- Forever 21 (old!) // necklace- gift // shoes- Aldo (old!)

I wore a version of this outfit while hanging out in Brooklyn Heights last week and a pushy chocolatier told me she liked my "Stevie Nicks vibe." I was pretty happy with that compliment. hence, I am wearing it again. with only slight changes, I assure you.

one of those slight changes being I HAVE EYELINER AGAIN. it's been months- nay, even years?- since I ran out of my Bobbi Brown long-wear gel liner, and I tried to go without it. I really did. but I couldn't last any longer. eyeliner is a staple, you guys. I picked it up yesterday in Manhattan and IT FEELS MAGNIFICENT. 


it's been a busy week for us here! so many fun things to do and people to see... so much beer to drink... I'm glad to really be making the most of what's left of this beautiful summer. in a couple of days two friends from home are visiting us, so even more excitement awaits! it's going to be another fun-filled week. I'll try to keep my blogger friends (you...) updated a little more frequently... I know you're all just dying for further glimpses into my glamorous life. 
I live to serve. 


Unknown said...

Your makeup looks really pretty here! I absolutely love your skirt and how the floral crown matches it too. Such a summery look. Glad you're enjoying the last bit of your summer!

Jamie |

Kelly Del Valle said...

I love the flower wreath! I actually stocked up on some tiny artificial buds recently that I am planning on gluing onto a headband myself. :) Maybe I'll do a style post!

Unknown said...

cute outfit and super pretty hairz!!! <3