she talks like june

I guess now it's Labor Day weekend?

well, even though I feel like the summer swooshed by me so fast that it made my head spin and my eyes go googly like in an old-timey cartoon, I'm looking forward to fall. not that September will really be very autumnal, but the temperatures will start to drop and the craziness will start to slow down. soon enough I'll get to wear tights again!

but, not yet. I still have summer-ish plans; to go swimming some more, to visit Montauk, ride the new roller coaster at Coney Island, maybe even to take a short road trip. summer lives on in your hearts, people.

dress- Modcloth(still crazy on sale!) // boots- thrifted // bag- vintage // belt- old // fleur-de-lis earrings- Bueno Style

I feel like it should be on a blooper reel-type post, but I kind of like that picture of me making an annoyed face! I think I look sassy. so I used it. bam!

I've dubbed this look "urban cowgirl," not realizing till just now how much it sounds like a sexual position. but we mustn't be afraid of using the word cowgirl in other contexts, people! you may think that I'm basing that outfit title solely on my choice of footwear- cowboy boots, doi- but I think this dress has a bit of a rockabilly vibe to it as well. florals and gingham and lace? just call me Annie Oakley!

actually I'd prefer Calamity Jane because she was more outrageous and friends with Wild Bill, but I'm basing that perception solely on my deep-rooted love for Deadwood. 

but check out the neckline on this dress! so cute I can't stand it.


Brando and I snapped these pictures as the sun was setting in Williamsburg. I have to say, while many New Yorkers seem to have this impression of Williamsburg as being pretentious and obnoxiously hipster, it's one of my favourite neighbourhoods. there's an endless supply of amazing restaurants, the cheapest movie theatre we've found in the city, and our favourite movie-themed bar. plus, it's really easy to get there on the J train.

if you happen to live in/near NYC, or are just visiting and want to check out the origins of the modern hipster, here are my fave Williamsburg establishments so far! (click "read more")

Videology: this bar is the reason I am reconsidering moving away from the J train. there are so many awesome things about it that I'm not sure where to start; weekly Arrested Development bingo, trivia night, dvd rentals, great nachos. they hosted an O.C. party a couple weeks ago wherein guests played a drinking game while watching the show and played trivia. this place is so awesome.

Pies 'n Thighs: hands down the best place to stuff your face. it's super small and super popular, so I recommend going for lunch, or getting takeout. it's all-out mouth-watering southern food, and I'm pretty sure anything you order there will be orgasmically delicious. but in particular, I suggest the chicken & waffles (classic), pulled pork box, and the fried green tomatoes. be warned, you will never be satisfied with regular food again.

Two Door Tavern: I've only ever been to this place on a Wednesday, with good reason; Wednesday is $5 burger-and-fries night. (you have to get a drink to get the deal, but it doesn't have to be alcohol.) you can pick from any burger on their menu, and while I've yet to discover a burger that rivals my affections for greasy McDonald's, these are pretty darn good. I recommend the bonfire burger because blue cheese wins all. they also have a decent selection of local beers.

Williamsburg Cinemas: the cheapest movie theatre I've found in the city, so far. matinees and cheap nights- Tuesdays and Thursdays- will cost you a measly $8 a ticket. even regular-priced movies are a steal at $11, and $13 for 3D. they mostly play the usual blockbusters and big-ticket films, but there's always one semi-indie flick for those of you with more sophisticated tastes. it is Williamsburg, after all.

Nitehawk: if Williamsburg Cinemas is too mainstream for you, you can't get more hip than Nitehawk.  it shows only the indiest of indie films, and you can drink beer while you enjoy it. they do waiter service to the little tables next to the seats, so you can have the novel experience of getting tipsy and eating nachos while you watch movies your friends have never heard of. the food is good, albeit a tad pricey, but the beer is better.

Brooklyn Brewery: ok, technically I've never actually been there. BUT I've walked by it. and I am a big fan of their products. I heard they have a nice bar where you can drink all of their delicious, local brews, and they do free brewery tours on Saturdays.

Cheers: no, it's not a theme bar. it's a thai place that looks like a theme bar! the yelp reviews on this one are kind of mixed, but I have only good things to say. the food was amazing and ridiculously fair priced- I got kee mao for $10 and it was scrumptious- and the servers were really friendly and helpful. I'm no thai food expert- I pretty much just love anything sweet & spicy with noodles- but I had a really good time at this place.

so go check out those places! but don't spread the love too much; it's much more "hip" to keep good things from getting too popular. everything popular is bad, you guys.


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

So happy to have stumbled onto your blog! I'm beyond in love with your tattoo, dress and red lipstick! You are seriously gorgeous, lady! <3

Lost in the Haze

J said...

lovely outfit! that neckline is gorgeous! lol I giggled with the "urban cowgirl" name but you are right... we shouldn't be afraid to use this word in other contexts :D