ramblings of a madwoman

so it has been another long, cramazing week up in here. (for those of you who don't recall all my brilliant ideas, cramazing is the word I made up to communicate both "crazy busy" and "amazing" when describing a period of time. webster's is interested.)

our handsome and awesome tier-1 friends stayed with us on their first trip to NYC! because they are pretty much the coolest guys I know, we were busy doing tons of hip & fun things that cost very little monies. so you will excuse my absence in the blogosphere, since I was being pretty exceptional at real life for a change. 

but, now that's all over. they are gone, and I am here, taking outfit pictures in front of graffiti, wearing heels that hurt my feet after 10 minutes. talk about coming down off a high!


as I try to repress the image of my crazy-eyes, I wonder at what it is that makes an outfit a favourite. for me, a huge aspect is definitely fit; I like clothes that are comfortable, flattering, and that I'm not constantly pulling or tugging at to keep in place. I also really like rich colours, and accessories that coordinate but don't necessarily "match." 

but there's always something intangible about a favourite outfit, an unnameable quality that makes you feel like yourself. this outfit is one of those for me. 

it's comprised of individual pieces that I love; the skirt is an old favourite that I cannot part with, even though it's one of the only things currently in my closet that is almost worn out. the bag I discovered in the souks of Marrakech, and is probably the most unique accessory I own. the locket was my very first Etsy purchase and is the perfect bronzed colour. the shirt is new, but I love that it combines comfy t-shirt with vintage pretty; the print reminds me of a blue china pattern. and even though these wedges hurt my feet today, I've been walking a crazy amount this week and my feet are basically pulp, so I really can't blame the shoes. they're usually quite comfortable. 

skirt- Topshop (old!) // top- H&M // necklace- Bueno Style // shoes- Jeffrey Campbell via Modcloth (sold out) // bag- fr. Marrakesh

I've worn this outfit a few times this summer, and it always makes me feel better about myself. so even though my friends went home yesterday, and my feet hurt, and my netflix was down, the weekend hasn't been all bad! 
I know that's a lot of emotions coming from a simple wardrobe choice, but that's my life. I have a lot of random feelings... I once won a drama queen award.
welcome back to the world of Sarah. 


J said...

Glad you had a good time with your friends, and lovely outfit... That skirt is so pretty!!


Unknown said...

that shirt. :)
I'm wishing I had bought one for myself as well now.

Kelly Del Valle said...

I just found out that the dress code at my new school isn't nearly as strict as the one I taught at last year --- I am so excited to revamp my wardrobe and get to wear things that are actually flattering. Something like this would be perfect!! No more boring colors for me!