happy little things

another week has flown by here at chez Sarah with nary a whisper on the internets. such is life; I've been busy making friends with Canadian bartenders in Williamsburg and playing Arrested Development bingo (no, that's not something I made up). if recent sad celebrity news has taught me anything it's that it's okay to go out and live life in the real world and not always have to condense it to internet-worthy happy snippets. carpe diem, bitches. play that bingo. find silly things that make you happy.

here are some cute little things that make me happy. :)

1. can someone make this for me?? //House of Miranda.

2. I want to own every pair of Seychelles that exists. they're all so cute and classy, and with manageable heel heights! egads! //Seychelles Footwear. 

3. Francesca's statement necklace collection is the bees knees. //Hillsborough Pearl & Poplar Jeweled.

4. I am relentlessly seeking this version of the Roman Holiday poster. its beautiful people and delightful pink hue must adorn my apartment walls. but I can't find it to buy anywhere! any leads, internet? //via IMDb. 

5. this dress makes me want to get divorced so I can get married again. so dreamy... //Your Something New.

6. I really want to start a collection of bralets; I love their vintage feel, and they look sassy under sheer blouses. //from left; Anthropologie, Victoria's Secret, H&M.

7. the season of tartans is still a ways away, but it's official; I'm mad for plaid. //Modcloth & Yumi.

8. last but certainly not least... IT'S A KITTY IN A FLOWER CROWN!! BLERG! //via imgfave.


Unknown said...

So much cuteness! The gangster embroidery is the best ever and I'm loving the plaid dress on the right side.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Kelly Del Valle said...

What a photogenic cat, geez. I'm watching my cat tangle herself in the curtain strings for the 1000th time today, so... there's that.

Kelly Del Valle said...
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