dig my toes into the sand

I finally got to make another trip to the beach this weekend! as someone who's trying to make the most out of what little summer we have left, I haven't been to the beach nearly enough. which is a shame, because I really do feel like the ocean makes everything better. like I said to Brandon as we walked to get the train home, "my butt is full of sand and my heart is full of joy!"

dress- Monsoon (old) // hat + sunglasses- thrifted // backpack- handmade in Greece

this dress has been demoted from actual dress status to beach cover-up, on account of its revealing nature. it used to fit me perfectly, but it's kind of too small now, making it a little too scandalous to wear out and about (it keeps flying open completely and the neckline is crazy low). but I just can't bear to part with it. it's one of the prettiest things I've ever owned! so now it will be a beach accessory. after all, it doesn't matter if people at the beach see my swim suit. that's the benefit of wrap dresses; you can find a way to make it work!

my hat has seen better days as well; it was stored in a suitcase for several months and doesn't really travel well. it got all squished up and I can't get it back into shape! sometimes it looks like a pink bucket on my head (and that is one trend from the 90s that I do not think I will be reviving). this outfit has seen better days... but there are some wardrobe pieces you just can't let go. 


hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


J said...

love your hat, it looks like a pretty purple color :) Also that dress is beautiful and perfect for a beach cover up! Glad you were back on the beach, I need to get my own butt on the beach sand too!! :D


Cait said...

These pictures are so beautiful! I especially love the one where you can see your blue polka dot bathing suit poking out! What a great beach outfit! You look beautiful and summery! You could definitely be a golden age hollywood babe!

Unknown said...

This dress is super gorgeous! I think it was an awesome idea to start using it as a swimsuit coverup. It's just so pretty on you!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com