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saturday night we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, and man-oh-man, was it amazeballs! Avengers level awesomeness, for sure. and whoever did the soundtrack/music for the scenes was a genius. I won't say anything else, because you should really go and see for yourselves. 

I made a slight attempt to dress for the occasion in a laser-y, galaxy print dress and lightening bolt earrings. the ensemble said "super space heroes" to me. 

dress- Modcloth // bag- Aldo // shoes- Walmart // earrings- gift

other than the devastatingly attractive Chris Pratt and company, it's been a pretty lame summer, movie-wise. most of the blockbuster types were let downs, and the indie ones were kinda meh. my favourites have been, in order of splendiforousness; Guardians of the Galaxy, Edge of Tomorrow, Planet of the Apes, Wish I Was Here, and How to Train your Dragon 2 (which I think should have been called how to re-train your dragon, but whatever, I'm not in charge). so basically sequels and lots of CGI. 

I know this is meaningless rambling on an insignificant corner of the internet, but those are the movies from this summer that you should watch in the future. I'm telling you, that is a definitive list. disregard it if you want, but you'll be sorry. 

also, you could watch The Mighty Ducks, on netflix. just because you should. 
I may or may not be doing that as I type this...


Unknown said...

We saw that movie last night, my boyfriend and I and we loved it as well! It was so funny and entertaining. And maaaaan, Chris Pratt… yeah, he's speeding up to the top of my celeb crush list!

This outfit is too adorable, Galaxy movie or not! I love it paired with the shoes. :)

xoxo, Lindsey Dish

Unknown said...

I really liked Guardians of the Galaxy too! Great summer movie! This is a perfect outfit to go see it too. I just love the print on this dress. The colors are wonderful and it looks so cute on you!

Jamie |