she talks like june

I guess now it's Labor Day weekend?

well, even though I feel like the summer swooshed by me so fast that it made my head spin and my eyes go googly like in an old-timey cartoon, I'm looking forward to fall. not that September will really be very autumnal, but the temperatures will start to drop and the craziness will start to slow down. soon enough I'll get to wear tights again!

but, not yet. I still have summer-ish plans; to go swimming some more, to visit Montauk, ride the new roller coaster at Coney Island, maybe even to take a short road trip. summer lives on in your hearts, people.

dress- Modcloth(still crazy on sale!) // boots- thrifted // bag- vintage // belt- old // fleur-de-lis earrings- Bueno Style

I feel like it should be on a blooper reel-type post, but I kind of like that picture of me making an annoyed face! I think I look sassy. so I used it. bam!

I've dubbed this look "urban cowgirl," not realizing till just now how much it sounds like a sexual position. but we mustn't be afraid of using the word cowgirl in other contexts, people! you may think that I'm basing that outfit title solely on my choice of footwear- cowboy boots, doi- but I think this dress has a bit of a rockabilly vibe to it as well. florals and gingham and lace? just call me Annie Oakley!

actually I'd prefer Calamity Jane because she was more outrageous and friends with Wild Bill, but I'm basing that perception solely on my deep-rooted love for Deadwood. 

but check out the neckline on this dress! so cute I can't stand it.


Brando and I snapped these pictures as the sun was setting in Williamsburg. I have to say, while many New Yorkers seem to have this impression of Williamsburg as being pretentious and obnoxiously hipster, it's one of my favourite neighbourhoods. there's an endless supply of amazing restaurants, the cheapest movie theatre we've found in the city, and our favourite movie-themed bar. plus, it's really easy to get there on the J train.

if you happen to live in/near NYC, or are just visiting and want to check out the origins of the modern hipster, here are my fave Williamsburg establishments so far! (click "read more")

all for you

lately I've been re-discovering my passion for Etsy, and my near-daily browsing had lead to some serious wardrobe envy.

I have two qualms with vintage dress shopping; the first is that it has gotten unreasonably expensive. when I first started buying vintage, I remember most dresses were around $40-$60. I thought that was fair; pay about $50 for a regular, new dress, or $60 for a more unique one. now most vintage frocks cost closer to $100+. I get that they're kind of "in" now, and that they're like forty years old... but then, they're like forty years old

anyway, the second issue I have is that most of the dresses are made for women of a much more svelte figure. the further you get from a 25-inch waist, the fewer options you have. whenever my eyes drift over an exquisite example of classic fashion design, I instantly prepare myself for heartache, since most likely it would only fit me as a sleeve alone. 

but my loss is your gain! (well, technically my gain is your gain, if you get my meaning...)
because I've curated for you a dream closet of Etsy finds that will have you looking vintage fabulous through all seasons. I can't fit into most of these pictures of sartorial perfection, but maybe you can! (skinny bitches...)

....and if you aren't absolutely in love with that last dress yet, look at it up close!
now that's a Christmas dress if I e'er did see one.

so go. shop. enjoy your small waists and slender build. be the envy of all your friends. 
oh, and if you buy one of these, let me know! and send me a pic. 
not to be creepy or anything, just 'cause I think that would be fun. I've developed a sort of relationship with these unattainable dresses, and it would be nice to know they went to a good home. 

when life gives you lemons

it's difficult for me to wear a dress with lemons on it and not mention how much I effin' love Tina Fey. 
(for those of you whose lives are still empty and meaningless and don't get the connection, Liz Lemon= Tina Fey's alter ego. dear god, I hope in this day and age that addendum was unnecessary.)

sometimes I quote Liz Lemon as many as five times in one day, just because that's how much she speaks to my soul. her poignance and humour pervade my daily life and give it meaning. Tina Fey is a magical laughter goddess and I worship her.

I don't even mind that she was used as a ruse to swindle me into a sub-par times square comedy show after I had indulged in several strong margaritas. because if, somehow, she really had been there and I had turned it down, I would have never recovered. yeah, my dress has lemons on it!
dress- Modcloth // necklace- fr. Malawi trip // shoes- New Look

this dress was one of those purchases made solely out of preparation for hot weather and comfort. I just wanted something simple, summery, and light (in both design & cost). I got it a while back and it's my go-to lazy day dress. I even like the peekaboo back, despite that meaning I have to wear a decent bra with it...
it's not my favourite dress, and I don't think it's really a stunner, but it perfectly fills a void in my wardrobe. and well, we all know I'm kind of a sucker for a novelty print. lemons are the most aesthetically pleasing fruit, I think.


okay, so now I can get back to watching 30 Rock until I pass out, right?
my life is full and vivacious! 
Lemon, out.

ramblings of a madwoman

so it has been another long, cramazing week up in here. (for those of you who don't recall all my brilliant ideas, cramazing is the word I made up to communicate both "crazy busy" and "amazing" when describing a period of time. webster's is interested.)

our handsome and awesome tier-1 friends stayed with us on their first trip to NYC! because they are pretty much the coolest guys I know, we were busy doing tons of hip & fun things that cost very little monies. so you will excuse my absence in the blogosphere, since I was being pretty exceptional at real life for a change. 

but, now that's all over. they are gone, and I am here, taking outfit pictures in front of graffiti, wearing heels that hurt my feet after 10 minutes. talk about coming down off a high!


as I try to repress the image of my crazy-eyes, I wonder at what it is that makes an outfit a favourite. for me, a huge aspect is definitely fit; I like clothes that are comfortable, flattering, and that I'm not constantly pulling or tugging at to keep in place. I also really like rich colours, and accessories that coordinate but don't necessarily "match." 

but there's always something intangible about a favourite outfit, an unnameable quality that makes you feel like yourself. this outfit is one of those for me. 

it's comprised of individual pieces that I love; the skirt is an old favourite that I cannot part with, even though it's one of the only things currently in my closet that is almost worn out. the bag I discovered in the souks of Marrakech, and is probably the most unique accessory I own. the locket was my very first Etsy purchase and is the perfect bronzed colour. the shirt is new, but I love that it combines comfy t-shirt with vintage pretty; the print reminds me of a blue china pattern. and even though these wedges hurt my feet today, I've been walking a crazy amount this week and my feet are basically pulp, so I really can't blame the shoes. they're usually quite comfortable. 

skirt- Topshop (old!) // top- H&M // necklace- Bueno Style // shoes- Jeffrey Campbell via Modcloth (sold out) // bag- fr. Marrakesh

I've worn this outfit a few times this summer, and it always makes me feel better about myself. so even though my friends went home yesterday, and my feet hurt, and my netflix was down, the weekend hasn't been all bad! 
I know that's a lot of emotions coming from a simple wardrobe choice, but that's my life. I have a lot of random feelings... I once won a drama queen award.
welcome back to the world of Sarah. 

the second time around

lately I've been doing some wardrobe double-dipping. I'll wear the exact same thing two or three times a week in an attempt to make the most out of outfits or combinations I really like. of course you don't see that on here because usually outfit photos are forgotten or postponed... often that's why I'll double up! if you find something you like, stick with it, right?  

skirt- thrifted via Beacon's Closet // tank top- Forever 21 (old!) // necklace- gift // shoes- Aldo (old!)

I wore a version of this outfit while hanging out in Brooklyn Heights last week and a pushy chocolatier told me she liked my "Stevie Nicks vibe." I was pretty happy with that compliment. hence, I am wearing it again. with only slight changes, I assure you.

one of those slight changes being I HAVE EYELINER AGAIN. it's been months- nay, even years?- since I ran out of my Bobbi Brown long-wear gel liner, and I tried to go without it. I really did. but I couldn't last any longer. eyeliner is a staple, you guys. I picked it up yesterday in Manhattan and IT FEELS MAGNIFICENT. 


it's been a busy week for us here! so many fun things to do and people to see... so much beer to drink... I'm glad to really be making the most of what's left of this beautiful summer. in a couple of days two friends from home are visiting us, so even more excitement awaits! it's going to be another fun-filled week. I'll try to keep my blogger friends (you...) updated a little more frequently... I know you're all just dying for further glimpses into my glamorous life. 
I live to serve. 

happy little things

another week has flown by here at chez Sarah with nary a whisper on the internets. such is life; I've been busy making friends with Canadian bartenders in Williamsburg and playing Arrested Development bingo (no, that's not something I made up). if recent sad celebrity news has taught me anything it's that it's okay to go out and live life in the real world and not always have to condense it to internet-worthy happy snippets. carpe diem, bitches. play that bingo. find silly things that make you happy.

here are some cute little things that make me happy. :)

1. can someone make this for me?? //House of Miranda.

2. I want to own every pair of Seychelles that exists. they're all so cute and classy, and with manageable heel heights! egads! //Seychelles Footwear. 

3. Francesca's statement necklace collection is the bees knees. //Hillsborough Pearl & Poplar Jeweled.

4. I am relentlessly seeking this version of the Roman Holiday poster. its beautiful people and delightful pink hue must adorn my apartment walls. but I can't find it to buy anywhere! any leads, internet? //via IMDb. 

5. this dress makes me want to get divorced so I can get married again. so dreamy... //Your Something New.

6. I really want to start a collection of bralets; I love their vintage feel, and they look sassy under sheer blouses. //from left; Anthropologie, Victoria's Secret, H&M.

7. the season of tartans is still a ways away, but it's official; I'm mad for plaid. //Modcloth & Yumi.

8. last but certainly not least... IT'S A KITTY IN A FLOWER CROWN!! BLERG! //via imgfave.

dig my toes into the sand

I finally got to make another trip to the beach this weekend! as someone who's trying to make the most out of what little summer we have left, I haven't been to the beach nearly enough. which is a shame, because I really do feel like the ocean makes everything better. like I said to Brandon as we walked to get the train home, "my butt is full of sand and my heart is full of joy!"

dress- Monsoon (old) // hat + sunglasses- thrifted // backpack- handmade in Greece

this dress has been demoted from actual dress status to beach cover-up, on account of its revealing nature. it used to fit me perfectly, but it's kind of too small now, making it a little too scandalous to wear out and about (it keeps flying open completely and the neckline is crazy low). but I just can't bear to part with it. it's one of the prettiest things I've ever owned! so now it will be a beach accessory. after all, it doesn't matter if people at the beach see my swim suit. that's the benefit of wrap dresses; you can find a way to make it work!

my hat has seen better days as well; it was stored in a suitcase for several months and doesn't really travel well. it got all squished up and I can't get it back into shape! sometimes it looks like a pink bucket on my head (and that is one trend from the 90s that I do not think I will be reviving). this outfit has seen better days... but there are some wardrobe pieces you just can't let go. 


hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

who wears short shorts

is that title too obvious? perhaps. 

on thursday Brandon and I finally made it to a summer screen movie in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I don't know what took us so long, because it was delightful! we spent the afternoon walking around Brooklyn Heights beforehand. I had definitely the most incredible bagel I've ever had from Montague Street Bagels (get the cranberry apple chicken salad and die happy) and we admired the pretty tree-lined streets of the neighbourhood. 

and on our way there we watched a guy throw up on himself on the subway, so I guess it was an exciting day for everyone.

hat + shorts- Modcloth // shirt- Williamsburg boutique (?) // bag- Steve Madden (gift) // shoes- Walmart

this outfit felt a little vaudevillian, hence the cheeky pose! 
I've been hesitant this past year to embrace the cuteness of shorts, especially in the summer when tights aren't an option to smooth out my thighs and hide other imperfections... but these were on sale and I thought, screw it- shorts are cute, and I wanna wear cute things. to hell with insecurity! live while you're young!
...oh my god, did I just kind of quote One Direction?
let's ignore that and focus on my personal triumph of wearing shorts in public. 


Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the places where it really hits me that I live in New York City. there's always something cool going on- like outdoor movies, or free kayaking in the East River- and the views of lower Manhattan are spectacular. it gets me every time. 

the movie screening on this particular thursday evening was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which I'm kind of embarrassed to say neither of us had seen before. but that made it even more enjoyable! Paul Newman was such a fox. and he looks pretty darn good next to the big city lights, don't you think?