where I am going, where I was born

I know my blog was uncharacteristically quiet this Canada Day, but don't worry, I haven't gone all American. I was proudly spreading the Canada love elsewhere on the internet and in the real world, I promise. 

unfortunately and unbeknownst to us, the only Canadian festivities planned in NYC were either cancelled (boo) or occurred on the weekend before the 1st... so we didn't end up with a whole lot to do on actual Canada Day. Brandon coincidentally had the day off, though, so we took our little two-person celebration to the beach! 

dress, bag, + silk scarf- vintage // sandals- gift (handmade in Greece!) // sunglasses- found on the ground in Williamsburg (score!)

when we arrived at Rockaway Beach the sun was shining and there was a strong breeze providing a welcome break from all this "summer in the city" humidity. it was at this moment I realized that I was not wearing a stitch of red. not even my multi-colured underpants, which many people saw due to the very blustery weather. for shame. 

BUT. I am wearing green and pink, which are colours of the Newfoundland Republic flag. AND July 1st is also Beaumont-Hamel memorial day in Newfoundland. AND we all know that while I love the crap out of Canada, I love Newfoundland even more. 

so in fact, I am dressed very patriotically. 

after our bodies had been sufficiently coated with sand, we went home, changed into some red & white clothing (Brando wore a Canadian tuxedo), and checked out a Canada-themed bar in Williamsburg. lots of people there were wearing red & white, so I assume most of them were Canadians, but other than that there wasn't anything particularly "Canadian" about it. there were pinball machines, however, and cheap Moosehead beer, so we had a pretty good time anyway.

I've been missing my home country a little more than usual. probably because Canada Day is so close to the Fourth, which gets a ridiculous amount of attention, and because this is the first year we've really had no one to celebrate with; even in Scotland there were tons of expat Canucks. there's also the realization that comes once you've been living in the US for a certain amount of time, that while our two countries are so close and so similar in many ways, they're also oddly and fundamentally different. I really like living in New York, but Canada is just so awesome, you guys. I'm so happy to be from there. 

so now I will go into Fourth of July weekend with obligatory cheerfulness, and thankfulness that I get to have two great countries as my current "home." 


Jen Hsieh said...

You look so lovely at the beach (that dress is beautiful) - I've only been to Rockaway once to volunteer at a bike race but I've never been on the beach itself.

The beach on my blog was actually in Jersey - Seaside Heights! Super nice boardwalk if you guys ever have a chance to drive down there.

I'm sorry you're feeling homesick for Canada but hopefully you'll be able to find more bits of Canada in the city! Jeremy's mom is actually up there now visiting her grandson (his brother's wife is Canadian).

Enjoy your 4th of July festivities and let's meet up soon! :)

Unknown said...

Everyone I know from Canada is wonderful, so I'd love to visit there someday. Happy belated Canada Day! You looked so adorable in your pretty green dress. I'm loving these pictures at the beach too!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Kelly Del Valle said...

So pretty! I wouldn't dare wear something so cute to the beach. Not sure what it is about me that makes me instantly get messy when I set foot out of doors but...there it is. So I enjoy other people's style blogs instead, and marvel at how put together they manage to be!