this wicked little town

so that's the end of the holiday weekend. Brandon and I actually got out and did quite a lot, so I think it was pretty successful for our first 4th as honorary Americanadians! (did I make that word up? copyright!) 

we went to our first rooftop party, played Mario Party in a penthouse that looked straight out of a movie, picnicked in Central Park, and experienced Peruvian food with a few wonderful Peruvians. I had a blast meeting new people and making new friends. thanks, America! 

oh, and, I know it was America's birthday and all, but the best part of the weekend, hands down, was to do with my birthday; we went to see Hedwig & the Angry Inch! 

you guys, it was phenomenal. Neil Patrick Harris may be a god. as I tweeted after the show, he has mastered both the art of wearing heels and the art of being awesome. seriously, the guy should give lessons, he's leaping around the stage in gold platforms (and to be quite honest, looks better than me in a dress). NPH is hilarious and spunky and just perfect. 
Lena Hall is equally incredible and has the voice of a rock-goddess-angel.  
basically the show was awesomesauce-amazeballs. GO SEE IT. 
(if you can. if you can't, I feel bad for you. truly.) 

dress- Modcloth (only $16 now, darnit!) // shoes- Jeffrey Campbell via Modcloth // Ron Swanson earrings (that you can't see at all in this post, but they're there!)- gift, & featured in my last post

well, I might not pull off a denim mini as well as Neil, but that won't keep me from donning a dress pretty much every single day! I got this beauty from Modcloth a while ago, but had to wait to show it off. 

with all this thyroid crap/crazy weight gain, one weird problem is while most things fit me in one size, everything was/is too small in the arms. I think my biceps gain weight faster than most of the rest of my body? so like many things in my wardrobe or that I ordered online, this dress fit fine everywhere but I could not get the sleeves past my elbows. 

it was a pretty easy tailoring fix, in the end, but unfortunately I did lose the pretty black ribbon around the bottom of the sleeve. I'm thinking of getting someone to sew a thick black elastic on the bottom to make it more "poofy" again. any volunteers? because the tailors in my neighbourhood aren't up to such tasks. 

at least I can finally wear the  dress! I love the gold and magenta patten- such rich, cheerful colours. (then again, who wouldn't be cheerful if they were rich?? HAR HAR.) I think the cuteness of the silky black peter pan collar is what possessed me to rock the cinnabun-Princess Leia hairdo; I just had to get my hair out of the way to properly display it. that, and I've been watching a lot of Scrubs again, and Elliot wears the pigtail bun quite nicely. 

hope you all enjoyed your weekend. :) happy week ahead!


Unknown said...

You look gorgeous--I love that dress on you and those great sunnies! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


xo Jess

Kelly Del Valle said...

Your hair is so flippin cute in these photos! Love it!

Unknown said...

I love your adorable hairdo in these pictures! Such a cute dress too even if you had to alter the sleeves. I still think they look good!

Jamie |