the wheel in the sky

it's been a particularly thunder-stormy week here in Brooklyn, so I haven't been up to much. this week has mostly consisted of catching up on my reading, binge-watching Scrubs, and running errands in the rain (I got new pens, woohoo!).

but today the sky cleared enough for a quick jaunt outside and few outfit snaps. 


this dress is one of the items I got in the crazy amazing- cramazing?- Modcloth wow factor sale. and I'm so glad I did! I'm a sucker for a cute print, and this one is even better in person; it reminds me of those colour wheels you use in art class or home decorating (or the rainbow wheel of death on a Macbook, but I went with the happy connotations). the colours are vibrant and stunning, and it's the perfect summer silhouette. I've already worn it three times this week...

another thing I've been sporting a lot lately is this hairdo. I mentioned in my 30 Before 30 list that I wanted to master a new go-to hair style, and I've been working on this one. what do you think? I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little inspired by Queen Elsa, but I'm very aware that my hair will never be even close to that luscious and well-behanved mane. 
anyway, I like it, but I'm not entirely sure it won't give me trouble with my rapidly thinning hair and tendency to not use a hairbrush. 

dress + shoes- Modcloth // earrings- gift // belt- Mango

these shoes are from Modcloth too, and they are so awesome! I wore them right out of the box and didn't even have to break them in. comfy right from the start. they also seem very high quality and like they will withstand more than my average $10 flats; I've worn them in the rain a couple times now, and they don't rub my feet or start to look flimsy and dirty. a pretty solid purchase, and I think one that gets me on my way to accomplishing another list item; #20. build a practical shoe collection.

see, I'll have that list done in no time. ;)


Jill S. said...

Love this dress, but especially love the eye makeup!

Kelly Del Valle said...

I feel like you are going to get tired of me saying I love your dresses but.... gosh! I love it! And your hair is super cute too! I really ought to figure out what to do with mine since I only have two hair modes: 1)bangs in my face 2)smooshed under a hat.

Sarah K. said...

thanks guys!!

Jill: I've been rockin' a lot of blue eyeshadow lately, because apparently I live in the 80s. who knew!