party in the USA

happy America day, America!

as a (poorly thought out and pretty lame) birthday gift, I made today's friday favourites all about the U-S of A. keep it festive, and enjoy your holiday weekend! 

1. a perfect summer dress in the ol' red-white-and-blue. // Modcloth.
2 & 3. how cute would these be together? they make a 50s-inspired, flag-themed Fourth outfit! // Tara Starlet. 
4. an art piece featuring vintage license plates. // Route 401.
5. a flirty, blue and white maxi dress is classic and festive! // Modcloth.
6. nothing says America like denim. // H&M.
7. red espadrilles are the perfect bbq accessory. // Lulu*s.
8. wear your Ron Swanson earrings proudly, because no one is more American than Ron Swanson. // Sleepy Mountain.
9. your house could use a little holiday decorating, too. colorful mason jars are great the whole year 'round. // The Retro Redhead. 

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