I'm the queen of nothing, I'm the king of the world

ahem. a song, for you.
(sung to the tune of My Favorite Things)

"now it is friday, the end of the week
I found things I like that you may wish too seek,
some stuff made me smile, some stuff made me sing,
here are a few of my favourite things!"

 1. I'm absolutely in love with this vintage cocktail set. gold trim, diamond patterns, an ice bucket; how debonair! //Dooley and Fritz Vintage. 

2. F. Scott is really hitting home with me these days. //via Pinterest.

3. I've never been a huge fan of sandals; season-specific shoe choices aren't worth the money in Eastern Canada or Scotland, if you ask me. but even though NYC streets are not really a place I want to expose my bare feet, I've recently been coveting the sandals of the more courageous summer girl. maybe I'll get cute pairs like these for next year? //1. H&M, 2. Topshop, 3. Seychelles, 4. Topshop. 

4. this royal blue summer dress is a stunner. //Modcloth.

5. if you're looking for ideas on what to add to your mid-summer reading list, the Man Booker Prize long list came out this week! it's always good for a suggestion (even though this year there are no Canadian works, boo), and I can personally vouch for the brilliance of Ali Smith. //The Man Booker Prize.

6. I recently discovered the delightful blog of Holly and was instantly smitten with her cute projects and demure style. I especially love this transparent clutch that she made herself- and thanks to her diy post, you can make it too! //Holly Dolly.

7. Modcloth has some dynamite home accessories lately; adorable retro decor for every room in the house. //clockwise fr. left; the goods life canister set, pleasurable planning wall calendar, collection of memories collage frame set, & revered residence wall mirror.

8. Seychelles Footwear is celebrating its 30th birthday with special edition styles, and I am dying over these new boots. the season for boots is still a ways away, but cute ankle boots work anytime of year! //Scoundrel. 

9.  don't forget, tomorrow is National Dance Day! celebrate in your own way, or learn the official dance day routine and show off your moves at Lincoln Center (amongst other places). watch a video of the two routines (I'm so uncoordinated I can't do either of them) & get more info here

10. even though I've been expanding my netflix horizons, I find myself always going back to old favourites. and I'm realizing that The Office is the standard by which I am judging rewatch-ability. the show is basically perfect in my eyes! I mean, you get subtle but brilliant moments of hilarity:

...heartfelt life lessons:

...and of course sex appeal:
never enough Office Love. //images via Pinterest. 


J said...

Haha! omg I've never watched The Office but the two pics you showed are hilarious... I must watch it now!! 3rd pic isn't bad to look at either ;)


Kelly Del Valle said...

Not only is the Office good for an infinite number of re-watches, it is good for an infinite number of posts, in my opinion. There is just nothing wrong with that show and it's always relevant.