hot child in the city

I try to keep some semblance of personal style, but my summer wardrobe is entirely dictated by the weather. I suppose that's really true for everybody, but it's especially evident in my blog posts! sunglasses rarely leave my face when I'm outside (even when it's cloudy- I have super sensitive eyes. I'm such a weenie) and even though once in a while I will attempt to go out with my hair down, it rarely winds up looking like anything but a sweaty, tangly mess. there's something so awful about your hair touching your neck in 90 degree weather. 
top- vintage via Beacon's Closet // skirt + sneakers- H&M // bag- gift // sunnies- found 'em! 

today I tried leaving the apartment in short sleeves and a half-updo, and let me tell you, it felt gross. in this humidity, such a small amount of coverage can mean life or death. tank top and hair in a bun? golden. t-shirt and hair down? I'm literally melting.

the Newfie in me is wracked with guilt whenever I even think of complaining about the heat... but dude. bitches be swelterin' up in here. 


Kelly Del Valle said...

I hear ya bout that humidity. It's a good thing I'm not a style blogger, because it would go something like...Monday: sundress and sandals. Tuesday: sundress and sandals. Wednesday: Cardigan and....just kidding. Sundress and sandals. And hair down? FORGET IT. I already want to chop mine off half of the time.

But, anyway, I do love your outfit! Orange is one of my favorite summer colors! In fact, today I wore an orange sundress and...nevermind. :P

Unknown said...

Having your hair down in hot weather is particularly awful. It feels so good now that I cut mine off again. I forgot how great it is to have your hair off your neck in the summer! Also I feel you with the sensitive eyes thing. I wear sunglasses nearly all the time when I'm outside. It can be super bright even when it's overcast!

This outfit is super cute. I love the gingham top with that red skirt. The graffiti background for these pictures is super cool too.

Jamie |

Unknown said...

These textures and colors compliment each other so well!
p.s. your hair is amazing!
xoxo, Lindsey Dish