hang on every word

I haven't checked anything off my 30 Before 30 this week, but I'm working on stuff. for instance, I've started the vocabulary expansion by learning a new word: elegiac. it means to have a melancholy quality, or be wistfully mournful. isn't that a great phrase? wistfully mournful. honestly it sounds a lot nicer and more poetic than elegiac, which kind of reminds me of a yak sneezing, but hooray for synonyms! 

vintblue_4 vintblue_1 vintblue_5 vintblue_7 vintblue_3 vintblue_6 vintblue_2
dress- vintage // shoes- Modcloth // necklace- Lia Sophia // bag- fr. Marrakech market

this dress is one of those items that, no matter how I wear it, never looks the way I want it to. I trot around town, imagining myself as vintage-clad, easy-breezy hipster type. but then I look at myself in pictures and it doesn't strike me as very put-together, nor very easy-breezy. yet I keep wearing it, and I'm sure I will continue to wear it, because I do love a sartorial challenge. 

I will make you flattering, dammit!


Moonofsilver said...

wow! I just found you from Kellydelvelle LOVE your fashion! Your use of prints and color is inspirational :) I like the way you styled that dress as well.

Unknown said...

No way! It's totally easy-breezy! I love it! Keep on trotting! ;-)
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

J said...

I love your dress! the print and color are beautiful and your shoes... I knew they were from Modcloth the moment I saw them! hehe very adorable :)


Unknown said...

Love this outfit! Miss seeing you and your style at work.



Becca said...

Funny...I was just thinking how great this dress looks on you, Sarah!