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summer, stop! slow down, please! 
I feel like summertime is almost over and I haven't basked in its glory nearly enough. I need to eat more ice cream and watch the sunset. I need to spend more time sitting on grass. I haven't even gone swimming yet!
it's settled. I am now making it a personal priority to go to the beach once a week.

since apparently it's friday again (how does this keep happening? is this how time usually passes? really quickly and in the right order? that may be a paraphrase on a Doctor Who quote...) it's time to post my friday favourites. have fun checking them out and marvelling at the incredible shortness of life... that's what I'll be doing. 

1. Keiko Lynn is always amazingly stylish, but this look of hers really knocked it out of the park for me. love the vibrant colours of the setting, the fantastic hat, and those perfect green sandals! //Carnival Colors.

2. loving this bedding; it's chicness meets just the right amount of whimsy. //Urban Outfitters.

3. denim shirts are a wardrobe staple, and unbelievably humid summers mean I should have one in every sleeve length. right? //1. American Apparel, 2. H&M, 3. American Apparel. 

4. I'm seriously considering getting this exact hair style, colour and all. supposedly dying your hair makes it look & feel thicker, so bonus! //image via pinterest.

5. Zara is having a midsummer sale! this is what Shakespeare was thinking of when he wrote "Midsummer Night's Dream." //all Zara.

6. speaking of dreams... meet the dress I'll be wearing when I go to the Oscars as Chris Hemsworth's date. *swoon* over this absolute sartorial perfection, and Mr. Hemsworth's face, obviously. beauty is beauty, people. //Elie Saab is my hero.

7. I want to put these two prints in the spare room we've turned into my closet/dressing room. the coffee one because it's morning inspiration, the other one because it has words to live by. //My Retro Nest & Jen Oaks.

8. I've been craving statement necklaces lately; they really tie an outfit together, and are great for colour-blocking. //Modcloth, Noonday Collection, H&M. 

9. ok, I haven't even seen this yet, but it's making the list because I'm so excited, you guys. hits theatres tonight! //Wish I Was Here.

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Kelly Del Valle said...

Ah, love me some Zach Braff!

Also, I went to the thrift store today with the intention of coming away with some cute dresses like the ones I always drool over on your blog & various vintage fashion blogs...and I'll be darned if I didn't come away with high waisted shorts and some button downs.

I should hire a shopping chaperone.