can I get your hand to write on?

it's a funny thing, this business of blogging. 
not that I consider my blog in any way a business, mind you. but the whole idea of posting snippets of your personal life on the interweb is rather convoluted. 

recently I was tagged in a post by Kelly Del Valle on the process of blog writing, and it posed some questions that I found really difficult to answer! but hey, introspection can be very healthy. so I rambled on with my "answers" anyway, and now you all get to read them. 

What are you working on?
hmm, well, in terms of writing, I am currently just working on my day-to-day blogging. I've had this blog for a long time now but I really want to start taking it seriously as a creative outlet, and as potential career bait. I haven't had a writing job since graduation, so blogging is the only thing preventing my brain cells from slowly dying off (as hard as that may be to believe with the quality of the content sometimes!). I want it to be the very best representation of me that it can be.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?
honestly, I have no idea. there are millions of style/lifestyle bloggers out there who are more interesting or more fashionable or more inspiring than me. but everyone is different, right? the only answer I have to what makes my blog different is that I'm me, and everybody else isn't.

Why do you write what you do?
I started my blog because I was obsessed with fashion, then obsessed with fashion blogs, and even though I was always squeamish in front of a camera (well, after the age of six- apparently I was quite a ham as a child) the progression seemed natural. I'd had an online journal before, and I missed the catharsis and sense of creativity that came with it. basically I look at blogging as a big, digital memory box, a way for me to look back at my life, or parts of it, and really see it. I guess I write what I do to remember, and a little for self-discovery. looking back is often really helpful in planning to go forward. 
I'd like to think that what I write means something to other people; to entertain, to inspire, or identify with. but realistically I'm in this for the fun of it. :)

How does your writing process work?
again, I have no idea. I usually choose photos I want to share and see what I want to say about them. sometimes I have nothing to say. sometimes it's just a recap, or a silly little caption. right now I'm kind of struggling with inspiration and finding a voice, so my writing doesn't really have a process. I'm just trying to stick with it! 

so that's that! you're supposed to tag three people, but I'm just going to ask anyone who wants to share their answers to link to their post in the comments. it will be fun to read how other people approach blogging. cause clearly I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing, haha. 

thanks to Kelly for the tag and the post idea! 
happy blogging, pals. 


J said...

I think being "you" is how every fashion blog is different, sure they all share FASHION but each person looks different and has a different style... I think that makes each one unique!! I also like how you called your blog a big digital memory box... it really is! I had so many blogs since i was a kid... I wish I hadn't deleted them! :(

Jill S. said...

Love this! I may steal it for my blog.

Kelly Del Valle said...

I'm glad you did this! It was a thinker for me too.

& I think your blog is quite unique! I like how you don't just stick to posed outfit photos- sometimes I suspect fashion bloggers of wearing an outfit for as long as it takes to get some photos, then change into something that allows them to move freely and actually get stuff done!