we'll take this city

in the far, far reaches of my memories... back in the oh-so-distant month of June... I had the pleasure of spending my second-favourite time of year with one of my dearest friends. 

the time of course was my birthday (second favourite to Christmastime!), and as usual it was pretty much the same time as hers. her being the fantastically beautiful, kind-hearted, high-sea sailing Emily. 

we celebrated our 27th birthdays exploring the Big Apple together. I already shared pictures from my big day with you, and now I'd like to proudly present a few from the rest of Em's visit. that will pretty much catch me up on this blog, adventure-wise. uh, at least for the summer... 

we sassed it up with Lady Liberty at the Brooklyn Flea...

and stopped by The Pink Teacup for brunch, and to get out of the rain.

I had chicken and waffles! yummm.

later we got to do the most wonderful thing in the whole entire world... see Wicked! Em's first time, my fifth. gets better every time. ♥

can you believe it, she still couldn't get a cab...

Brando joined us for a day out on the town and delicious, delicious burritos at Blockheads. he likes to make faces. he's kind of a blockhead, too.

just two pals, bein' cool in New York City.

we paid a nighttime visit to the Brooklyn Bridge, to enjoy the view and do a little spontaneous yoga. like you would.

she's a beauty.

not a bad view. 

I could squish that adorable face. you don't look a day over 21. 

we spent a hot afternoon in Central Park before heading downtown for more material pursuits... mainly donuts and shopping.

this was my first visit to Chelsea Market, and I'm kind of in love. it's beautiful and full of yummy food, and I could spend all day in the flea market. I've been back a few times since then!

after the market it was pretty much a hop, skip, and a jump (or a little green elevator) to the High Line. I did not act my age and cooled my feet in the water like a toddler. the only way to live.

I know this is just a picture of local beer, but I love it. Emily took it at this amazing little Thai place we discovered because we were too lazy to walk any further away from the subway for dinner. it was a splendid evening, and also I like the lighting. so there!


J said...

Chicken and waffles... I've never heard of that!! I love waffles AND chicken so I'll have to try it for sure! Both you girls had really cute outfits on, I especially like your 2nd look with the minty colored dress :)


Kelly Del Valle said...

You should do a post on how to stay looking cute on vacation! My away from home outfits always end up being running shorts, sandals, and t-shirts....even super touristy t-shirts I buy from roadside attractions. Yeah... I'm THAT person. :( You, on the other hand, look very well put together in all of these photos!