we are all made of stars

well you guys, I'm 27. if I survive this year I've officially beaten the rock star curse.
because you know you were suspecting that I am truly a rock star.

since I already vented my complaints of being 27 too soon, I figured I'd show the brighter side of my birthday. I got to spend it with lovely people, in this amazing city, doing only the most fun things.

start the morning off right with coffee, donuts, and the opening of glorious presents. (coffee mug is also a present, and is appropriately gigantic.)

sorry guys, but this present kind of wins all. 

spending my birthday with these lovelies. don't they look like a couple here? too cute.

heading to Brooklyn Bridge park for the sunny afternoon. 

birthday mani-pedis for the birthday girls! (Em's birthday is three days before mine)

we were pampered while Brando documented the experience patiently.

for our evening entertainment- and a surprise for moi- we went to a Broadway show!

lookit all the amazing actors in this thing!

birthday = made. 

yeah, I met Michael C. Hall. award-winning actor, seriously talented, star of one of my favourite shows ever, and a total hottie. NO BIG DEAL.

also met and got autographs from the rest of the cast, who are amazing and talented and funny. Toni Colette, you guys! SHE'S AMAZING. just go watch Unites States of Tara and tell me you aren't jealous. 

...of course the real stars are the friends and family who love me all year round and took the time to send gifts or cards or well-wishes from all around the world. 

such a good birthday. :)

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