one moment in time

as usual, time is flying by and my first springtime here in New York is passing far too quickly. I can't believe that this weekend marks the official start of summer. my first full season in the Big Apple. I'm sure it will bring a host of new adventures adjustments.

but back to springtime; quite a lot was going on with us! the first thing to kick off the late May/early June slew of events was a visit from my sister and her boyfriend. they had only the weekend to make the most of NYC, but we did our best to show them a good time. 

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite photos from the weekend

the first day Beck & Cody got here it rained pretty hard, making the world's worst bus tour even more of a downer (although we did have a lot of fleet week sightings aboard!)... but the sky cleared briefly for our visit to Rockefeller Center, so the view was just as majestic as usual. and bonus, we got free souvenir ponchos! 

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the weather was more cooperative for our trips to Central Park. we had pretzels and stopped by the zoo. by this time it was ridiculously hot (for a bunch of Canadians, anyways) so the penguin exhibit was much needed. even though it's not really that cold in there, just thinking about Antarctica was a pleasure. 

we also attempted to visit the newly-opened 9/11 Museum, but it was sold out for days. the memorial was stunning, though, and we did find our way to the Tribute Museum across the street. its focus is the perspective of the people involved on that day, which is totally heart-wrenching and sad. it's so weird to think of going to a museum for that, but we did. and it was kind of nice to learn about the humanity and kindness and love that can survive in the face of a tragedy. 

I especially liked the 1000 rainbow paper cranes. they felt hopeful. 

of course we did other vacation-y things, like the Empire State Building, shopping at Century 21, Times Square. but the highlight- and main reason for the trip- was undoubtedly the hockey game! we're all huge hockey fans, and most of us (the sane ones, anyway haha) cheer for the Montreal Canadiens, so to see a playoff game... it was just unbelievable. 

except, well, the Habs lost... which wouldn't have been such a bummer but for the fact that we were decked out in Canadiens gear and caught a lot of heckling from the Rangers fans. hey, that's life, right?! we had an awesome time either way. 

it's hard to try and fit New York into one short visit. and time keeps going too fast, I'm telling ya! but I think they did okay. 
here's to many more visits in the future!

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