in our summer skins

I've missed quite a few of these, and to be honest, this list was kind of thrown together at the last minute... but here's a Friday Favourites for you all!

and really, all these things are favourites of mine. so being last minute has nothing to do with the post's validity.

 1. love the combination of simple cut & funky print on this dress. // Sugarhill Boutique. 

2. I don't shave my legs very often (far less than I feel comfortable to admit on the internet) but I still find myself searching my bathroom angrily for razor blades from time to time. and that stuff is ridiculously expensive. I signed up for Dollar Shave Club because it sounded convenient and inexpensive, and I was not disappointed! it's marketed to men, but I got the middle-cost "lover's blade" and some of their shave butter, and the stuff is fantastic. and once you hoard enough blades (they send them once a month, automatically) you can change how often you receive shipments. it's enough to make me forgive society for it's ridiculous expectations of women's bodies... by that I mean, I don't mind shaving nearly as much.

3. last weekend one of the amazing things we did was attend the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, and while it didn't quite live up to its magnificent expectations, it still awakened my deep love of mermaids. we bought the poster at a local craft fair a few weeks ago and it delights me; the mermaid and the walrus are in love! //1, Modcloth // 2, Alicia Zenobia // 3, Two Arms Inc. 

4. speaking of mermaids... this woman looks magical and amazing. love this photo and outfit! //via pinterest. 

5. I raved about this band in my last post, and I second my own endorsement. love this record. //Lake Street Dive. 

6. I'm running out of all my makeup at once. isn't that how it always goes? yes, yes it is. and I wish to pamper myself with this awesome gift set from Benefit. //Sephora. 

7. since the Mermaid Parade I've been on a nautical kick, especially when I realized I had no ocean-themed dress to don on such an occasion. as someone who loves the sea, this is quite unacceptable. bring on the sailboats & lighthouses! Modcloth // Ruche // Modcloth

8. this might be an over-share, but since summer is in full swing and tights are inconceivable, I'm now having to deal with awkward & painful thigh chafing plague. (I made that sound more gross than it is- by using the word 'plague'- but when your chubby/voluptuous legs rub together in this humidity, the result is not pretty.) luckily I have discovered Body Glide, which is a balm stick that you just smooth on your thighs/feet/whatever, that reduces friction and painful rubbing. and it really works! I have to reapply sometimes throughout really hot days, but I don't get that painful red rash anymore. curvy/active/sweaty girls, rejoice! available via Amazon, drugstores, sporting goods stores, etc. 

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