I will take you to the ocean

well, it seems I'm a little behind. this weekend is nearly over, and I'm still not done babbling about last weekend. to be fair, there was a lot to talk about, and it kinda makes up for doing nothing all during the week. 

I've only told you about last friday; there's still two whole days left to ramble on about! 

after our night of epic free concerting we woke decently early (for people who had been drinking, especially) on saturday to make the trek to Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Parade. basically a giant kickoff to summertime where gazillions of people dress in over-the-top mermaid (or vasiou sea creatures) costumes and walk around the boardwalk. obviously it was my first time there, and while I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, it certainly wasn't what I got. 

the costumes were awesome, and definitely the best part of the parade. I wish I could have snapped a few photos, but our view was so restricted that it really wasn't worth the bother, as verified by the one semi-usable picture above. there were thousands of spectators so showing up even an hour-and-a-half in advance didn't really help much with snagging prime viewing locations. I would definitely recommend finding a cozy spot along the beachfront part of the parade route so you're not just baking in the hot sun while staring at the back of people's heads. this place was overcrowded, even for me. and I love being lost in a crowd of mermaids... we'll know better for next year.

while I didn't see much in the way of the parade, at least I got to play on the beach like a mermaid, right? 

Coney Island bonus: on the way home, Brando and I made a stop at L&B Spumoni Gardens for some famous Sicilian pizza. we saw the place on Man Vs. Food way back before we moved, and I'd been dying to go- they put the sauce on top of the cheese. I don't know why this excites me so much, but it does. 

and turns out it makes a big difference, because it is now my favourite pizza in the world. and I don't even usually like thick crust. 
oh my gosh. it's just so good.

moral of the story, boys and girls; after a bit of a lacklustre public event, it's all worth it if you go out for pizza. 

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