friday night lights

I had fully intended to have this post up sooner, since it's kind of a "part b" to my last post. but I'm kind of glad I slacked off until today; I had a bit of a rough day, and rough days are best treated with happy memories. it's nice to remind myself why I like my life so much. 

last friday, I met up with Brando after my aforementioned lovely afternoon in the Prospect Park area. we planned on going to the FREE concert in the park for Celebrate Brooklyn. Amos Lee was playing, and Brando's a huge fan of his, and the opener was a local band that was supposed to be amazing. so yeah, friday night plans. 

while we were in line to get in, a lady in a stunning red polka dot dress came up to us and asked if we wanted to be "VIPs." of course my reaction was "what do I have to do?" but it was nothing! she worked for an event sponsor, Squarespace, and they were just handing out special bracelets to people in line to get access to a dining area, open bar, and front row seating. AWESOMESAUCE. it was probably the coolest thing to ever happen to me. I think maybe they were hoping for some good publicity, since we had our fancy-shmancy camera in tow, but little do they know... my internet fame is fairly subdued. 
anyways, it was really cool of Squarespace to do that and I want to declare my love for them for giving me my favourite NYC night so far. 

as you can imagine, the evening after that was pretty spectacular. we were literally in the front row, with unlimited free booze, and the concert was amazing. the local band was Lake Street Dive and you guys, I think they're my new favourite. after the set I immediately went to the merch table and bought their record. and I'm madly in love with the lead singer. she's my hero. 
Amos Lee was as genius as we anticipated (with a rockstar lady bassist), and I got some glorious snaps of the whole shindig. 

check it. 

(this is quite the long post, so click "read more" to see the rest of the photos!)

Brooklyn rocks, y'all. literally. 
happy happy times. 


melanie said...

Lake Street Drive are Amazing! Her vocals are impressive. Glad you got to see them. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

melanie said...

*Dive - oops.