dust on the bottle

ok, guys! one last post about our big weekend of fun before I start boring you all again with street style pictures and rants about netflix. 

a few of our friends had the great idea to get outside the city and visit a winery, so on a warm Sunday afternoon six of us piled into a hilariously awesome giant van and headed to Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery. 

the drive was scenic and lovely, and the winery was delightful! they offer wine tastings for just $5; that includes four samples of wine, one cider, and a complimentary souvenir wineglass. the prices are great and the wine is delicious. Brando and I bought a bottle of the "Black Dirt Red" that we are saving for a certain special country's birthday this week (hint: it's not America). 

there's also a roomy and rustic cafe, and you can bring your food and wine outside to picnic on the grounds! I recommend the sausage & gorgonzola wood-fired pizza; it has caramelized onions. 

we spent the afternoon lounging on the picnic blanket, sipping wine and enjoying the sun.

dress- vintage // boots- somewhere in Calgary // belt- Topshop // bag- Aldo

I donned my fabulous teal cowboy boots for the occasion, and received numerous compliments. they really are a statement piece; they make any outfit quirky and feel like "me." I'm so glad I allowed myself to buy them last year even though I was already technically out of money on my road trip... no regrets. ;) 

I love a shoe that can contribute to an already lovely day. good shoes, good wine, good friends. good way to top off a wonderful weekend! 

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ModernVintageStyle said...

Good wine, good food, good shoes - what a day even before the good friends! It's fun reading your blog and seeing you making the most of New York and all it has to offer! Kx