back through the park

soooo I guess it's monday now... how did that happen?
I had every intention of blogging my weekend adventures, but turns out adventures can be more time-consuming and tiring that I thought. it was a busy weekend indeed, in the best way. 

it started with friday, as most weekends do. I decided to get out of the house and therefore get myself out of a rut. so I grabbed my camera and a new dress and wandered around Park Slope/Prospect Park all afternoon, just enjoying the marvellous sunshine and an insanely delicious iced latte. 

I stopped by this little coffee shop called Prospect Perk- yes, I entered solely because of the name- and it was splendid. it was, of course, home of previously mentioned delicious iced latte, and also had lovely and friendly employees. the girl behind the counter had amazing blue hair and said she liked my tattoo. it was a good start to my afternoon. I highly recommend the place if you're in the area!

I also paid a visit to the Brooklyn Public Library, the giant one by the park, with the sole intention of trying the famous pie at the cafe. I had chocolate chess, and I don't know what constituted the "chess" part, but it was unbelievable pie. it's made by this little bake shop that's been all over my twitter feed lately called 4 & 20 Black Birds, and it is worth making a trip to the library for. (or, you know... just go to the bake shop.) I didn't even notice the books, shame on me...

dress- Modcloth // shoes- Ardene // bag & sunglasses- vintage fr. the Brooklyn Flea

not to brag, but I got so many compliments on this outfit, you guys! so exciting. this dress arrived in the mail the day before, and as soon as I tried it on friday morning I didn't want to take it off. it's easily one of my new favourite things. I love the gorgeous shade of red and the accent colours, and it fits me perfectly. which is a huge relief, since I'm much more wary of ordering clothes online now that I can't seem to get my size/shape under control. it's so nice to receive something that's not made solely for skinny model women; the large fits like a large!

incidentally, it was recently Modcloth's anniversary of selling plus sized clothing. even though I don't always need the plus sizes, it's so great that many of their adorable pieces are available in more than just the standard S-M-L (cause believe me, large does not always fit like a large). also, I find the customer reviews very helpful in choosing a size, and when deciding whether to take a risk on a standard-sized item. so yeah, lots of praise for Modcloth today! 

I spent the rest of the day chilling out in the park, giggling at the French bulldogs running past (gosh they are the cutest!) and making friends with inquisitive squirrels. not good enough friends to share the pie, but you get the picture (literally!). after a couple hours Brandon met up with me and our friday continued to be awesome. so awesome, in fact, that it requires a whole second post on the remainder of the awesomeness. so that's what's on the menu for tomorrow!

I love Park Slope. I have to say, if I could live anywhere in New York, it would be Park Slope. it's so beautiful and friendly and there's so much to do. I love the tree-lined streets, and the bakeries, and all the vintage shopping, and of course the park. and everyone I've met there has been incredibly nice. 
I plan on wandering around there far more often.

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