weekend blues

so turns out while New York is super awesome, it is less super awesome when you have a stomach bug...
apparently I may have a mild case of food poisoning. so that sucks. but I did get to briefly visit Prospect Park for the first time before the illness befell me! 

I/we didn't get many pictures, but I had my first NYC fangirl experience; I saw Keiko Lynn! so that happened. I was to taken aback to say anything, but you guys, she is just as gorgeous in real life. and I feel like such a creeper but I don't even care. 

dress- vintage // shoes- Walmart // wristlet- Coach (outlet) // belt- American Apparel

my Derby Day plans were ruined- no delicious Derby pie for me- but I'm hoping I'll be feeling better tomorrow so Brandon and I can keep our plans to visit Coney Island. also then I can write a real blog post for you... 
keep your fingers crossed, please... I really don't wanna be sick anymore. 

hope you are all enjoying your weekend more than I am!

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