short 'n sweet

today was just another lazy afternoon hanging around my apartment with my cat. not that I'm complaining (duh, my cat is awesome); I'm just itchin' to take advantage of living in this great city. things that make that difficult; 1: lack of money. it costs money to do everything guys, let's be real. most things that are free aren't exactly go-by-yourself friendly. which brings me to number 2: lack of close friends. I'm used to seeing my friends almost every day, so it's weird to have so much alone time. 

BUT hopefully both of these things will change very soon. and I do still have visitors to look forward to!

crop top- H&M // skirt- Primark (old) // sneakers- Converse // floral crown- American Eagle

even though I am by no means a fan of bearing my midriff, there are two things I love about crop tops. the first is they are usually much cheaper than a regular ol' full-length top, and the second is they actually tend to fit me better. I have a kind of high-waist, short-torso combo that makes crop tops seem not so cropped at all. and they're great to pair with high waisted bottoms without adding bulk, or having that pesky line from tucking in your shirt. 

so yeah, crop tops? not just for skinny girls. 

psst. H&M has a whole bunch on the cheap! this one, this one, and this one make cute summer basics, and I love this one and this one for a little bit of sass.

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Veronika Novotny said...

Aw, love lazy days with my boys! I have a cat & dog! <3 And this is such a gorgeous look too... perfect way to show off your midriff! xoxo