little island girl

yesterday Brandon and I visited Coney Island! 
that warrants an exclamation point because it was our first visit and also the weather was amazing. positively summer-esque. maybe not for you real New Yorkers, but I come from a place where it snowed last week... so yeah it felt like summer to us. 

skirt- H&M // tee- Lord Fletcher's bar // bag- fr. Morocco // boots- Shoe the Bear // sunglasses- Fray Bans // earrings- gift

I tried my best to dress for the occasion; I went for comfy and colorful. I really wanted to wear my new orange skirt (replacement for old orange skirt, which I still love but no longer loves me back. I feel like I should be a spokesperson for H&M right now because it seems like lately theirs is the only stuff that fits me/makes me feel good.)

I paired it with another of my wearable souvenirs, my Lord Fletcher's t-shirt. I got it at a bar in Minnesota last summer. wow, I cannot believe it's already been almost a year since that road trip! and I still haven't shared some of the pictures... we'll move on from that for now. 

threw on a few quirky accessories and a pair of earrings that remind me of juggling, and my amusement-parky ensemble was complete! (amusement-parky is a legit adjective, right?)

I'm aware that Coney Island is more than just the boardwalk and the beach and the roller coasters... but all that stuff is pretty awesome. it was such a great day! I convinced Brandon to ride the Cyclone (he was not very enthusiastic) and he yelled during the ride that he didn't like it... but I think he did. he even bought that cheesy picture they print out at the end. 

we also went to the Coney Island sideshow, which thankfully isn't as freaky as it sounds, and we got delicious diner food on the boardwalk. I really want to go back and explore more of the neighborhood, get on more rides (Brando's such a scaredy cat), and hopefully do some barefoot beach frolicking. 

also I want to try the pizza at Spumoni Gardens, because I saw it on Man Vs. Food and they put the sauce on top. seems delicious.  

so far all of our Brooklyn explorations have been a success! this weekend I wanna get to the Botanic Garden and the renegade craft fair. Brandon's working all week but maybe I'll do a little wandering on my own. maybe I'll get cupcakes! 
cupcakes are always a good plan. 

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