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lately I've been equal parts very busy & doing nothing. I don't know exactly how that works, but it's true. half the time we're making Ikea runs, putting together furniture, cooking, the rest of the time I'm sick or sleepy or hiding out from the rain.

this week has been weird.

outfit posts are becoming a little scarce as I deal with unpacking & body issues, but I thought I'd share a few photos of what we've been up to. I believe it is what the pros call a "photo dump."

last week when my fellow Newfie friend was in town we paid a visit to the Guggenheim. very cool.

oh oh ! I also have a horrifying anecdote!
my cat caught a mouse in our apartment. I was at once proud of her and also terrified that she was going to get gross mouse germs in her precious kitty mouth.

she is just too adorable to be a huntress. 

cartoons and childhood stories have misled me when it comes to rodents. this mouse was not the goofy, wardrobe-mending helper of Cinderella. it was not the impish comedian from Tom & Jerry. it was not a great mouse detective (at least it wore no sartorial evidence that it was; deerstalker cap, trench coat, tiny magnifying glass, etc.). it was skittish and bleeding and covered in tiny bugs. and I did not want to feed it cheese. 

what is it about cages or pet shop titles that makes such a huge difference in how I see rodents? I've always kind of wanted a pet rat (and still do, but now I know Ninja would probably torture it) and am never squeamish or afraid of holding pet mice. yes, they're a little creepy-crawly, but you know where they've been. but when I think about mice being in my home, pooping in my cupboards, eating my cereal, crawling over the piles of clothes on my floor... it makes me shudder. 

thankfully (unfortunately?) cats don't usually kill their prey immediately so they can play sadistic games with it, so the mouse was perfectly fine when we took it from her. Brandon walked a couple blocks away and released the critter near an abandoned building... at least that's what he told me. he may have just killed it outside, but I appreciate the lie. mice are creepy but it was still too tiny and fuzzy for me to want it to die.

my first New York City pest experience, you guys!
the first time I see a cockroach I will probably cry.

in less traumatizing news, Brando and I made a short trip to Battery Park this week to enjoy the sunshine and pay Lady Liberty a visit. we took the Staten Island ferry to get a better look; it's free, you guys. much better than the 4 million dollars* to get the real tour.

*may be exaggerated. actual prices may vary.

view of Manhattan & Brooklyn from Staten Island. 

photo dump complete.
enjoy your lives! woot woot. 

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