it's just raining, ain't no need to go outside

hello, lovelies, and a happy friday to you! it's a terrible rainy day here in Brooklyn, but that makes it the perfect time to catch up on my blogging, watch Parks & Rec in bulk, and snuggle with my cat. 

here are this week's friday favourites!

1. this vintage dress is simply perfect. sunny florals, full skirt, cute little bow- I'm dying. 

2. I've discovered a love of succulents! they're so pretty, you guys. and they seem hard to kill... I want to get a couple to nature-up the living room. pretty!

3. I think it's necessary for me to have a bike now that I live in Brooklyn. this one is a cheapie, but it's still so cute. // Walmart. 

4. it's coming up on crop top season! I'm not one for showing off the tummy, but with a high-waisted skirt and preppy sandals, even I can enjoy these cute little numbers. // Modcloth.

5. I have a new blog crush! Olivia of What Olivia Did is so classy and beautiful that I just may envy her to death. I want to steal her closet of girly separates and elegant vintage dresses.

6. one month in the US and I still don't have a phone. blerg. but when I do get one, I want this adorable phone case to go with it! // Tasteful Tatters.

7. I've fallen back in love with Zara and all of its classic, chic clothes. I love how these pieces are fresh and flirty, but would still fit in on an Old Hollywood movie set. // Zara.

8. just can't get enough of The Mindy Project and her amazing, vibrant style! Mindy mixes bold patterns and bright colors in a way that's still classy. now I just have to wait in agony till the next season starts. // screenshots by moi.
(sorry about the status bar! screen shots are not my strong suit.)

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