happy days

yesterday was a happy day.
last night Brandon and I met a couple new friends at a sports bar in Williamsburg to watch game 7 of the Canadiens vs. Bruins. it was a blast! had a couple pints of Brooklyn Lager, shared delicious chilli cheese nachos, got to hang out with terrific people, aaaaand the Habs won!
I'm sure if you are any sort of a hockey fan you knew that already, but I think it's worth mentioning.

I didn't go all out in the bleu, blanc, et rouge, but I did don an appropriately crimson skirt. 

top- American Eagle // skirt- Urban Outfitters // tights- Joe Fresh // shoes- Modcloth // jacket- thrifted

the best part of all this is now Montreal is playing New York in the conference finals, meaning I can stalk the team fairly easily I have the chance to actually go to a game! my sister is coming to visit and we're going to see one together. my first NHL game is a playoff Canadiens game! GUYS I AM SO EXCITED. can't you tell from all the exclamation marks?

in fact, the next two weeks are shaping up to be pretty amazeballs. I'm so pumped that I kind of wanna rub it in your guys faces how much fun I'm going to be having... my sister's visiting, hockey game, going to Toronto to see my best friend, then another friend visiting here in New York, then her birthday, then my birthday! so much awesome in May, you guys. whodah thought?

I'm in my dorkalicious glee planning all the sightseeing. if travel agent was still a viable career choice, I would definitely rock that job. itinerary's are my jam.    

if anyone needs a trip planned or a very inexperienced NYC tour guide, I'm yer guy. hit me up.
I will charge you in coffee and food truck gyros. 
(it's ok, I'll be walking it off.)

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